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You share that point with george soros, BURNIE. The Child in the image, has MORE sense than BOTH you and soros put together..


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I began but could not finish, maybe someone else can..

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Well, if the shoe fits, wear it! Your husband (pictured) will love it when you bend over to tie those shoes..

TOP STORY | National

Gay advocacy group: Obamacare ad makes us look like ‘sex-crazed lechers’

Image: YouTube, Out2Enroll The latest sexually charged ad campaign pushing Obamacare has now … more

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Math is hard: Obama tells Leno, ‘I’m pretty lost’ when it comes to ‘math stuff’. Evidently this ‘math hard’ trait runs in this type Black. They have yet to understand that they ARE 12-14% of the population. Simple division says: The remaining percentage of population, goes over the small percentage, ONE TIME! The end, it’s over, Joe, Fini, Back to Africa time..

jamie foxx trayvon martin shirt

Jamie Foxx weighs in on verdict: ‘We will make sure that he did not die in vain’


Chris Rock responds to Zimmerman verdict with overwhelming idiocy

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Barney and Jim Napolitano are crying tears of Joy. Psstt, Jim, there’s one for ya’, try Joy. OH and NOT the dish liquid..

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