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Racism, will be heard in 3-2-1. It’s the barry, eric, valerie, susie, dyson, al, jesse, naacp way. Race is the ONLY thing barry, et al, have brought TO the USA. I suggest THESE TYPES MOVE to Liberia. Founded by FREE AFRICAN SLAVES, Go For It newly minted Liberians!!!!

WH: Lynch delay ‘unconscionable’ I understand Liberia is lovely this time of year. OH, when you arrive, found or rename a city IN LIBERIA, ferguson..


Hey eric, as chief <(apologize lizzie Cherokee warren) RACIST law enforcement officer..

..How come YOU ain’t attending the funerals of the two murdered NYPD officers by a blackie, instead of your RACIST bossie sending that dopey White Boy Joey.

I mean, NEITHER officer was WHITE. In fact, one officer was as your fellow RACIST marion barry stated “DIRTY ASIAN”, HUH!? Does That Not Make YOU the REAL “COWARD” eric?!


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RBI! Race Baiters Inc. Three of the founding members. Eric was busy for PICS that day..

Al Sharpton has visited the White House how many times?!?


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Hey Chrissy Boy, MOVE TO ISIS Land, no fucking worries about ANYTHING from THE “Neck Up”. That is if YOU EVER HAD ANYTHING from THE NECK UP..

Chris Rock: White People Only Laugh from the Neck Up

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