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Umm, err, maybe you could try bacon and eggs instead?

I think my neighbor is a serial killer. How can I find out for sure without getting caught?

Eleanor Murray

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Where in THE HELL, does one find these kinda’, sorta’, maybe TRANSGENDER types? Oh Wait, barry knows!

YELLEN: Rate hike to come ‘later this year’…

BUT, events could change timing…

Nice hair cut, SIR!

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BTW..New Alcoholic Brew. etcbeertini © . BEER Don’t matter what brand. Higher alcohol the better. Tad of juice of Green olives skewed on a toothpick, stir gently. Drink the Bastard!!

..3 Garlic or Bleu Cheese Stuffed Green Olives skewed with toothpick in a pint of BEER. One Pepperoncini pepper, plus juice of, stir gently, let rest just a tad, then drink the damn thing or TEN © !!!


Enough of “Asininities of the Human Kind”. Umm, err, except for mine. HEY, it’s my blog!

Extreme Storms on Uranus Puzzle Astronomers

Sooo, the question IS: Why would Astronomers puzzle about URanus, huh?

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Yeah well, the balding OR bald individual is gonna’ look mighty stupid with them pills glued on their head..

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Uncouth Bastard That I Am. What’s new about walking on all fours? Progressives have done so, since the beginning of time!

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8 things introverts get sick of hearing


uhh, umm, err…

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