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Ya’ know, GerWALDO thst’s just tooo damn bad, for you and a GUTearass from Chicago..

Get Out Of The U.S.A.! Move to SPIC O Rica or Cuba..ENOUGH SPICOSHIT..

Geraldo Rivera: ‘Far Too Many’ Americans Own Guns Legally

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MisSEWER, you seem to have a bad God Damn problem! Howz’ about your state is tossed out of the United..

Authorities ID remaining 3 shooting victims from Tyrone, Mo. – @kmbc

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Tits On A Boar Are More Useful Than This ASSHOLE..

Senate Passes ‘Clean’ DHS Funding Bill, Leaving Obama’s Amnesty Untouched

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Too Late islammie, that flag is there now..

Iran cleric vows to ‘raise flag of Islam on White House’…

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“White House”? Dats Racis Ain’t It. Why call on the “Russian government”, barry has turned the USA INTO A “Russian government”, WITH, I bes Black and yus is Racsis

Boris Nemtsov killed

Feb 27, 2015, 11:56 PM GMT 23m

White House: ‘We call on the Russian government to conduct a prompt, impartial and transparent investigation and ensure those responsible are brought to justice’ in Nemtsov murder – @Reuters


Finally! UN girlie burka masked. Killing him easy, barry, what needs to happen is dissecting, piece by piece and the pieces fed to wild dogs..

..Should anyone need assistance in the dissection, post a comment. Be more than happy to assist. I am damn good with a knife..

REPORT: Jihadi John Unmasked…

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Tell me about it. Just arriving at this conclusion now, un? You are a joke, un..

Millions of young risk hearing loss from loud music, UN says


Why Is This Person Not In Custody Awaiting Trial?!

Huge trove of ‘destroyed’ Lois Lerner emails discovered…

Criminal probe launched…

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