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Forget, Bill. Concentrate on the wonder boy of STILL dubious birth areas of the world..


Concentrate on his ever present, when confronted, PURSED LIPS. Regardless as to his pose in this picture, stems from outright arrogance OR, ‘Isa’ Black Boy talkin’ at a White Boy!

The “LEGACY” IS and WILL be OR SHOULD BE, a WORLD RENOWNED failed individual, FOREVER in the books of history.


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WE are ALL che..umm, alinsky..err fidel..


Photo: Crowd gathers to watch on NBC TV screens as President Obama’s plane lands in Cuba – @kristindonnelly

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Answer SHOULD BE ‘SIMPLE’, NEVER EVER Even Consider ANY Potential Candidate..

..ELECTING FOR ANY OFFICE, INCLUDING THE “highest” meaning prezy, ESPECIALLY ONE WITH A VERY DUBIOUS PAST!! You know, like barry of KENYAN GENES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama actions require background checks by all in ‘business’ of firearms

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And the reason IS (IS), obama lacks “intelligence”!

REPORT: President skips nearly 60% of daily intelligence briefings...


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As to the TRUE “Coward”..

Holder sees ‘racial animus‘ in opposition | TheHill…/212082-holder-sees-racial-animus-in-opposition

 What Holder is doing is NOT speaking out ABOUT, to use his words, “racial animus”, he is speaking FOR the continuation of “racial animus”. For Blacks SUCH AS Holder, and Obama, et al, it IS The Only Game THEY Have.

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“Elections have consequences”. Indeed they do John. Let’s take a look at your election run, in 2008..

It was, a piece of shit! The “consequences” were Obama! Secondly, was it YOU, NOT your campaign staff that threw nothing but SCORN at Sarah Palin? I say YOU, for the fact that YOU are doing the exact same thing TO, Senator Ted Cruz.

Video: McCain delivers the Democratic response to Cruz by Allahpundit

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Barry said.. Really? coulda’ god damn fooled, some BUT uhh, you’re an asshole..

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More ‘dreams of my father’, maybe?

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