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Well, IF that were to occur, Whatever territory isis has would GLOW for 1000 YEARS. Israel would show ZERO MERCY in NUKING THAT ENTIRE AREA!!!

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Awww Look, These two Lefty cream makers made them a Nuke Explosion Flavor

Ben & Jerry Promote Iran Nuclear Deal


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Israel Will Destroy isis. As an undeniable lesson to islam, regardless of sect. It will then be known as WASWAS. Here’s looking at you next Persia. This is the “Netanyahu Alternative”, barry..

ISIS Destroys Ruins of Ancient Assyrian City of Nimrud, Iraq  memri 

ISIS Releases Video Promising a New 9/11, Attacks on US (WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO)   redstatements 

Obama to Netanyahu on Iran nuclear deal: What is your alternative?   jpost 

The Headline and what WILL be THE KEY as to this vile, evil, cancerous outgrowth called islam, is the headline below:

ISIS Appears Ready to Launch Strike Against Israel   thefederalistpapers 

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Absolute Tragedy That Could and Should Have Been Avoided..

Germanwings co-pilot was reportedly ‘not suitable for flying’ in early training

The USA has a similar situation, with ITS HALF AFRICAN leader(?). “Not Suitable For” Leadership, and yet he has and is being allowed to crash our nation, for the fact that of his COLOR!?. No amount of “early training” could possibly have EXCISED his hatred of White’s and Jews.

Western powers ‘have withdrawn from positions’…
Iran allowed to run nuke centrifuges at underground bunker…
Impervious to air attack…

Deal Sunday?
Obama Declassifies Secret Document Revealing Israel Program…
Unprecedented move…

Mideast ‘free fall’…

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This NEGRO, OOPS HALF NEGRO, Is Starting To Make Hitler Seem Like A Jew Lover. What Is With These DARKIES and THEIR JEW HATRED..

Michelle Obama’s mom was wary about her daughter marrying a man of mixed race – but not ‘as much as had he been completely white’

Israeli elections 2015

Mar 19, 2015, 05:50 PM GMT 15m

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest not ruling out that President Obama would use phone call to raise his concerns about Netanyahu’s divisive rhetoric about Arab-Israelis – @markknoller

Israeli elections 2015

Mar 19, 2015, 05:34 PM GMT 31m

White House says it will reevaluate Mideast policy based on Netanyahu campaign statement walking away from negotiating a Palestinian state – @markknoller

Maybe Just maybe Israel Can Solve The USA NEGRO PROBLEM. Here’s Looking At You HYMIETOWN Jackson, Jeremiah’s dem Jews. Only JEWS des DARKIES LIKE IS a soros type, You knows, gimmes monies.



Body Language. Da Negro Say, He White And A Jew..

Three Ways WH May Undermine Netanyahu


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Let me fix that for ya’ New York Post. United States of America? White Christian Crusader Colonialists and Jews I Just Despise Everything About It..

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barry says: If I can snap a few selfies, MAYBE..

Wiesel to Obama: Join me in hearing Netanyahu’s case against a nuclear Iran   hayom 

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