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LMFAO! Dats Right isis, bloviator will sue you! You Know COURTS in the USA..



donald trump said US must be more ‘unpredictable’ in fight against Islamic State, says terror group’s ‘days are numbered – @jamiedupree

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All the while, the islamist FILTH grows..

Those that are in love with THE BLOVIATING BASTARD called tRUMP, will rue the day the IF, IF he is elevated to our nations highest office, or in tRUMP’s case, that could be ORIFICE, not office.

He IS NOTHING buTT a self serving ASSHOLE that IMHO WILL make the attempt to change OUR NATION’S confirmed name of THE USA TO donnieland.

Those that chose to elevate him, WILL pay the price, along with the rest of OUR NATION. That being the case, ALL THOSE THAT DO ELEVATE THIS ASSHOLE, BEWARE! You will NEVER be comfortable, in OUR NATION AGAIN! PERIOD!!!!!!!!



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ANZAC Day 2016: The Glass Treasures of Vignacourt.


The mind is an unexplored country.

In 2010 Australian photographer Ross Coulthart became aware of a collection of photos from the First World War. They were the work of Louis and Antoinette Thuillier, photographers in the northern town of Vignacourt. Most of the photos discovered to that time featured British soldiers, but here and there Australian Diggers were seen in the background. Coulthart, with assistance from professional and amateur historians, was able to meet in 2011 with the descendants of the Thuilliers. They took him to the farmhouse attic and, for the first time in nearly a century, the glass plates that preserved the images of many hundreds of Australian soldiers saw the light of day.

Group portrait of four members of the 13th Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery. The two soldiers in the front row hold bottles of French wine. Identified in this photograph are 3750 Corporal (Cpl) Robert Chaffey Stuart (third from left) and 3489 Private (Pte) John Charles Bitton (fourth from left). Stuart, a labourer from Naracoorte SA, embarked with the 12th Battalion in December 1915, was transferred to the 52nd Battalion in March 1916, and then to the 13th Light Trench Mortar Battery in July of the same year. In January 1919 he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal. Bitton, a labourer from Maylands WA, embarked with the 28th Battalion in January 1916, Group portrait of four members of the 13th Australian Light Trench Mortar Battery.  Far right:  Private John Bitton from Maylands WA. Second from right: Corporal Robert Stuart from Naraccoorte SA.  Stuart was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in 1919.


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Sure donnie, just as long as Kasich can change yours. Duck, donald Duck would be perfect!

Caitlin Yilek / The Hill:

Trump asks Kasich to change spelling of his name

“I don’t know how to pronounce his name — Kasich. It’s -i-c-h,” Trump said. “Every time I see it I say Kas-itch. But it’s pronounced Kas-ick.

“Can we ask him to change the spelling of his name? Are we allowed to do that? It’s so ridiculous,” 

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Should these foul bastards be found and proven to be the perpetrators, forget any trial, EXECUTE them, regardless one or how many PUBLICLY!!

EXECUTIONER(S) STILL AT LARGE? Teen among 8 shot dead, three babies survive in brutal Ohio massacre

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Well, since barry done da’ deed wid Persia ans da’ Saudis snubs him, guess barry a shia, huh?

Saudi Arabia snubs President Obama at the airport

Apr 20, 2016 5:01 PM by John Sexton

“a relationship long lubricated by barrels of oil is now facing deep questions…”


Not voting for tRUMP, Hillary, PERIOD, although Hillary should be beyond THOSE..



Do NOT Give A DAMN what happens to what was once known as the USA. Done! Over! Finished! Fugehaboutit!

Philip Rucker / Washington Post:

Internal campaign memo projects Trump will win 1,400 delegates at GOP convention


I’ll take my $20.00 dollar bills in, One’s, Five’s, Ten’s, Fifties, Hundreds OR PENNIES please. No Mo’ Twents fo mes..

Golllie, I ain’t alone in dis..

‘Let’s all pack it in’: Google’s top trending question after Tubman announcement is just plain depressing [pic]

‘Let’s all pack it in’: Google’s top trending question after Tubman announcement is just plain depressing [pic]

OOPPSS, check dat, eyes gonna goes wit coins, o fiftes ,O hundres, cause..

Women Sweep Redesigns of $5, $10 and $20 Bills

Harriet Tubman to replace Andrew Jackson on $20 bill...


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