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Funny, I did NOT see the name of, Mr. “Consequences”. You know, Mr. “Syria Red Line”. OK OK, BARRY..Geez..

..The Day HE “Pretended to Care About Ukraine’

  The Day We Pretended to Care About Ukraine

What does our addiction to disaster porn say about us?


First, just a tad concerning Sarah.

Sarah Kendzior – Profile – Al Jazeera English
Sarah posits:
Ukraine has never been a country that attracted mainstream media interest. The tens of thousands of people viewing, sharing and posting photos of the Eastern European state likely had little knowledge of what Ukraine looked like before the violence.
Really? I mean really Sarah? I mean MILLIONS have “knowledge”.
This is My crane
And this is Ucrane.

So there little Ms. Al Jazeera Lefty. HA!

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Sharp, aren’t they! No doubt some greasy filthy lawyer will attempt to convince a jury, ‘it was a suicide ladies and gentlemen of the jury’..

Coroner’s jury rules suffocation death of 8-year-old Illinois boy found in fridge a homicide

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Agree Drudge, “Hollywood Stars” ARE “Revolting”!

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Press 1 for Spanish. Press 2 for ‘Hood Speak. Press 3 for Michelle..


Another 3:00 a.m. call: Turkey launches retaliatory strike against Syria

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Believe it or not there was a time that Joe Scarborough WAS, a stand up guy, NOW Joe is a stand up comedian..

Lapdog collusion: MSNBC’s Scarborough runs deceptively edited Romney/Ryan chant video; Tweets confirm; Update: Scarborough whines

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