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They all can’t be this stupid, can they?

Melissa Harris-Perry took a moment on her Sunday MSNBC show to offer ...

MSNBC host: Saying ‘hard worker’ an insult to slaves


Better idea tRUMP would be, if we shipped your big mouth and fat ass to Tikrit, or Tripoli..

Trump says world a better place if Saddam, Kadhafi still ruled…

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Sad to admit, tarantino escaped Knoxville, TN. at a younger age. As to barry, umm, he is a kinky hair, right?!!!

Tarantino rants at ‘stop police terror’ rally…

GOODWIN: Obama fuels flames…

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Low Class, NO, I take that back, NO CLASS Piece of SHIT!!!

Donald Trump Mocks Jeb Bush for ‘Meeting with Mommy and Daddy’ to Boost Campaign

Donald Trump

Current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump mocked establishment competitor Jeb Bush for “meeting with Mommy and Daddy” at an emergency Houston fundraiser meant to shock life into the younger Bush’s struggling campaign.

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Gosh, I guess ALL LIVES DO MATTER, not just BLACK, huh loretta LYNCH!

Evan Perez / CNN:

First on CNN: DOJ closes IRS investigation with no charges  — The Justice Department is closing its two-year investigation into whether the IRS improperly targeted tea party groups  — The IRS mishandled the processing of tax-exempt applications in a manner that disproportionately …

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Awww tooos ba mehico. Mayb yu drug carts will al dies, whic es aloms all of use..


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Really mr. half NEGRO? REALLY!? Well Howz’ about RED LIVES MATTER, HUH!

I mean, THEY (RED LIVES) were placed on RESERVATIONS! WOW, Terrific Idea, put BLACKS on THEIR OWN RESERVATIONS, you know, just as IS DONE IN..wait for it…AFRICA! YEAH, Let’s Do IT!! ASSHOLE..

On criminal justice reform, president says ‘our history’ demands we take #BlackLivesMatter seriously

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The U.S. State of nevada should be declared NULL and VOID for continually electing this ASSHOLE!!!


Harry Reid says RNC should reimburse taxpayers for Benghazi Committee

Fuck nevada

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