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Well, since YOURS is OVER, yours evidently does not mattr anymoe, huh!?

Ferguson, Missouri, protest leader found shot dead in burning car: police

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barry THE islam snake AND THE WHITE barry, tRUMP. Good fucking luck USA, I ain’t gonna’ be around when ALL THE SHIT HITS (to use a barry’ism) da fanssss..


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Soon, you will hear FROM barry, moochelle, deray, al, jesse et al..Dats Racis!!

House Approves Bill to Cap Expenses for Ex-presidents
The House has voted to limit federal expenses for former presidents who[Full Story]

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First, I AM Not NOT a ‘tea party’ member. Secondly me thinks barry’s daddy IF that was his daddy, was a shit..umm shiite..You know, kinda’ like Persia born valerie jarrass, err, jarrett..

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Ummm, ‘jus askin’ da JUST US (blacs livfes mattt) departs mint but does ya’ think ifin’ I asks IF..

..Eye posts sumthins’ likes one seize in dat old fashions phone books liks LYNCH, Loretta, u knows las nam firs, dat lorrtas bes tyrins to finds mes???

Justice Department launches civil rights probe of Chicago police

Bu-bu-buts lorettas, howz’ about checking all dem BLACK ons BLACKS killin’s in SHITCAGOS HUH?!!!

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The Half African in charge…Time to fess up barry, Shia or Sunni, Which SECT ARE YOU!!!


‘Shameful!’ – Obama Furiously Denounces Republican Critics of Syrian Refugee Policy

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Speaking of RACISTS! Ya’ Know, this IS getting awfully GOD DAMN BORING AND God Damn RIDICULOUS..

Black-only student meeting stirs racial controversy at high school…

Since YOU ASSHOLES continue YOUR drayvon, mikey brown (TWO SONS for barry) agenda and tactics, suggestion MOVE to the soon to be gone (hopefully) the U.S. State of MISSERY (aka) missouri) MOVE TO that state OR, YOUR HERITAGE HOMELAND, pictured below. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!

state map links on this page to view simple state maps and find state ...



Map of Africa

AND if not knowledgeable of that fact (like barry) YOU ARE 13% of the USA population, the remaining majority goe OVER the 13% ONE TIME! buts yus is askin fors it..

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Another candidate enters the RACE! There WILL BE A PUSH for him, TO DO SO!!

Edward-Isaac Dovere / Politico:

Barack Obama: ‘I think if I ran, I would win’  —  ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Four more years?  —  President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he’s confident he could win a third term, if only the Constitution would let him run.  —  Story Continued Below  —  “I actually think I’m a pretty good president.


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