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‘NO MORE EXCUSES’: Obama urged to OK Keystone after environmental review

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Evidence “Exists”! IF THE “exists” proves true, see ya’ later Christie..

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Punxsutawney Phil prepping for his prediction, this coming Sunday, Feb 2nd..

Have one for me, Phil..

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Well, Leftist HAG, you obviously do NOT need the MONEY..

..So I guess “I’m Not Going” means, YOU, BOTOX QUEEN, want to continue INFECTING the AMERICAN POPULOUS WITH LEFT’ITIS. And people wonder why you are one of FELLOW LEFTIST Barry Soetoro favorite BITCHES!

Eric Cantor and Nancy Pelosi are once again the two wealthiest members of the House leadership, according to just released financial disclosure reports for all members.

Cantor saw his minimum personal wealth rise slightly to nearly $4.4 million in 2012, and Pelosi is worth at least $24.4 million, according to their annual reports.

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I do believe that they are speaking of the U.S. State Department. Question is..

..doesn’t the U.S. State Department have BETTER and MORE PRESSING ISSUES to consider? You know, like The Persian NUKE thingy? Nations that ALLOW al-qaeda to exist within their borders? Preventing ANOTHER Benghazi somewhere in the world?

State Dept to Host Rapper Who Called Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice ‘Uncle Toms’…

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2. You continue to use caffeine despite knowing it contributes to recurring physical or psychological problems for you (like insomnia, or jitteriness)..

Caffeine Use Disorder is a serious problem—and you’re probably suffering from it

Umm, just as long as an individual is NOT holding THIS, when you get the JITTERS, guess you’re safe. I think..

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Poor little Snowy. Get better little lady..

Michael E. Ruane / Washington Post:
Snowy owl hit by bus in downtown D.C.   video at the link, too.

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Didja’ ever hear about Ali Baba and his 40 Thieves? Jus’ add several millions to that and ya’ gots islam..

US aid to Afghanistan going to waste?

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