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Well, since barry done da’ deed wid Persia ans da’ Saudis snubs him, guess barry a shia, huh?

Saudi Arabia snubs President Obama at the airport

Apr 20, 2016 5:01 PM by John Sexton

“a relationship long lubricated by barrels of oil is now facing deep questions…”


Uhh, excuse me Dempsey BUT, you look of the age to remember “Magic” BOMBS, as in..

Orr, umm, places such as..
Nagasaki, Hiroshima, just to name two more!! To bad the U.S.A. has as ITS leader a muslim lover! You know, I think, the recent persia deal, that he and his most precious, valerie (persian born), put together.

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Well Of Course barry soetoro,obama, pick one BARRY!!

Howz’ dis one?

Original Danish Cartoons Offending The Prophet (Who Died 13 Centuries ...

OR dis one?

and muslim jokes muslim jokes nasty muslim jokes muslim joke cartoon ...




During #MosqueVisit, Obama calls for Muslim TV show characters ‘unrelated to national security’

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No Problem! Persia, CAPTURED THEM ANDZ the shia administration in the U.S.A. you know, valerie and barry say dats’ OK, Dues It!!

Marine helicopters collide over Hawaii, Jan. 15, 2016


Coast Guard, on search for missing helicopters: Debris has been found across 7-mile stretch of Oahu North Shore – Hawaii News Now

Besides barry say, i waz bornz ins hawaii, sos i knos wah i says..


Typed this before BUT WILL REPEAT. NEVER EVER, EVER ELECT another of Kenyan Genes OR A MULATTO of ANY SORT TO HIGH OFFICE IN THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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barry THE islam snake AND THE WHITE barry, tRUMP. Good fucking luck USA, I ain’t gonna’ be around when ALL THE SHIT HITS (to use a barry’ism) da fanssss..


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After barry is done in office HERE, he plans on becoming ayatollah-in-chief in Persia. Persian born valerie say dats OK..

..’cause he gave you NUKES

Up to 10 US Navy crewmen held by Iranian forces in Persian Gulf

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Soon, you will hear FROM barry, moochelle, deray, al, jesse et al..Dats Racis!!

House Approves Bill to Cap Expenses for Ex-presidents
The House has voted to limit federal expenses for former presidents who[Full Story]

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