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Jane Russell Passes Away..

Obit Jane Russell


Followed by 6 minutes of winter fun..

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Again from Theo Spark. 8 minutes of human insanity..

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I’m at a loss for words. Pilfered from Theo Spark..


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Have no idea what the story is about, I just like the headline..

Also, Never Go Against a Sicilian When Death Is on the Line

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The NYT “Blows”? OUR NYT “Blows”? Why gosh. That can cause oral cancers, NYT

NY Times Blows Story on Drilling “Dangers”UPDATE: Another Fact Check Fail


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Waiting for the worlds response, to the worlds created problem..

Ahh, yes, here is the response: Umm, what does thumbs up the ass mean, anyone know?


Somali Pirates Seize Danish Yacht With 7 Aboard, Including 3 Children




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Sorry dude, me and several millions similar to me, just are not..

..going to let you, George Soros, boy NAZI collaborator, Markos whatever the hell his last name is, Obama and your fellow socio-communists take this county FURTHER down the path of Leftist-Union destruction. Wisconsin is yours, mainly because I don’t give two damns about that Sterling Hall state. Boycott Wisconsin products and services!


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