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As A former GATOR, the answer is simple. Round these Lefty Assholes Up AND..

..Drop them in one or any of Florida SWAMPS. REAL GATOR’S Will Take Care of THEM..CHOMP! CHOMP!

Jeff Schweers / Local News from The Gainesville Sun:

UF frat insulted wounded war vets, group says  —  A University of Florida fraternity already on conduct probation is under investigation after being accused of disrespecting a group of disabled military veterans by spitting on them and stealing their flags at a Panama City Beach resort last weekend.

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Wonderful. Look at all the beach bodies that can be runover. Bright side to everything, eh?


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One look at this, uhh, this..umm THING, should say that IT is ill suited to be classified as human in the female of the species, no less..

Angela Corey’s Checkered Past

Ian Tuttle / National Review:

Angela Corey

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Directed TO the State of Florida and the ‘can’t read cursive’, ‘math is hard’ type Blacks..

I often said, that someone with brains God gave a DUCK, that starting in Jacksonville, Fl. the state should have been diagonally cut, excluding the Panhandle, thereby leaving the OLD Florida to whomever wants to screw it up, to their hearts (they don’t got a heart, NOR brains) content.

Much like Andrew Branca, (got his book, today BTW) born in a different part of up North, NY (to 16′ish) to be exact and leaving NY moving TO Florida..SCHOCK!

Latter teen years, raised in Tampa (uhh, some BOYS from Sicily were at that time, pretty much in charge, port facilities, you know..

Moved to the Panhandle, after Pops and Mom, passed away. Things in the Panhandle, more to use the sometimes nasty word (the Left AND ‘can’t read cursive’ types) CONSERVATIVE!

Moved to The Great Smoky Mountains, where a ‘good ‘ol boy’, (Lamar) after getting to know me said: “son, you OK for a damn Yankee, anyone ever bothers you up here, you let old Lamar know, they’ll never find ‘em in this here park”

Lamar then handed me one of them ‘thar Mason Jars, filled with light amber liquid, shook it and said: “see that fine bead at the top, that’s good stuff, son”.

Me, goin’ umm, errr, Lamar said, “you standin’ on a whole bunch of that stuff, SON!” and laughed his fool head off..

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