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Have a gut feeling that it’s time to let the youngsters run..

..our Blue Orb. ‘Cause the “adults” sure as hell ain’t doin’ the job!

Avianne Tan / ABC News:

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Need A Hero? Got a 4 Year Old One..

“They said I’m a hero,” Matthew told FOX25.

Matthew Fontaine saved his mother's life when she had a seizure. (Fox25)

When Matthew Fontaine’s mother, Ashley, who suffers from regular seizures, had a seizure so bad she fell and hit her head, the boy sprung into action, using his mom’s cellphone to call 911 and waiting on the line until help arrived, Fox25 reported.

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For FUCKING get isis, obama, tRUMP and Brussels, WE, our nation..


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planned parenthood would be proud. In fact work a deal with them, THEY can sell the good parts..

Islamic State jihadists have reportedly ordered the execution of children who are mentally or physically disabled — an horrific replay of the Nazi atrocities that murdered thousands of children with disabilities during WWII…. [Full Story]

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barry say, ifs i has a daughtr. O weigts i gots tooo, daughtr..

9-Year-Old Kenyan Girl Married Off To 78-Year-Old Man

9-Year-Old Kenyan Girl Married Off to 78-Year-Old Man


Keep looking at this beautiful little one and my first thought was upon seeing that still shot WAS You? Surely You Jest..

They Had No Idea How Bad Her Eyesight Was Until She Started Wearing Glasses

We often take how newborns see the world for granted, but what would happen if you found out that an infant couldn’t see anything? This would be hard to discover, since they can’t properly communicate that they need glasses and they’ve never seen you. How does one get past this major obstacle?

For one mother, the answer was to rush out and buy her child glasses ASAP. What happened next is incredible. This kid is just too cute when she starts to see everything.

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Another Unforgivable Atrocity..

8 Children Killed in Mass Stabbing in Australia


Bachelor Cop Adopts At-Risk Brothers..

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