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White Woman Speaks with MANY Fork Tongues..

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Fixed that headline for you Fox..


Gas tax More pocket money, boys and girls! (infrastructure?) <What’s That? funding puts some daylight between GOP ALL House, Senate leaders

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Gotta’ hand it to this guy, he’s right !

Jonathan Chait Follow / New York Magazine:

1. Made both houses of Congress, irrelevant.

2. Increased Racial tensions to the highest degree.

3. Shredded the U.S. Constitution.

4. Taken SCADS of SELFIES.


5. Turned the U.S.A. into the world’s laughing stock.


What kind of ‘nation’ have WE become?

This is happening for ILLEGAL Aliens.

Washington scramble to provide food, housing to DREAMers pouring across border…

This is happening to the brave men and women of  military that fought for what they believed WAS the UNITED States of America.

1,700 veterans not on official wait list at Phoenix VA facility, would never see doctors

WHISTLEBLOWER: Texas VA Run Like ‘Crime Syndicate’…


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How Much Are The Gutless Parasites In D.C. Willing To Take From Mr. “Light Skinned” and His Admin. !?

  • FORMER TREASURY SECRETARY TIMOTHY GEITHNER claims in his new book that the White House on more than one occasion tried to put words in his mouth or outright asked him to bend the truth.

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Whispers of RACISM coming? Nahh, not eLIEjah..

Darrell Issa: Emails Link Elijah Cummings’ Office to IRS Scandal

The heat in the IRS investigation just went up. Rep. Darrell Issa, head of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, sent a letter today to ranking member Rep. Elijah Cummings in which he accuses Cummings of working to “obstruct the investigation” into IRS misbehavior. 

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Below, see what the U.S.A. must do to correct VOTER FRAUD IN the U.S.A. due to corrupt democrats. If one is of a different COLOR, different COLOR STAINS must be utilized!

Apr 05, 2014, 09:50 AM GMT 2h

Afghan Sikhs, a minority in the country, pictured after voting for the new President of Afghanistan – @SaraBasharmal

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I would take a guess that the Russians..

Peter Coy / Businessweek:
Is Russia Pulling Money Out of U.S. for Safekeeping?

..choose not to have any of their money in the U.S. confiscated for things such as, “free phones”, paid for services bestowed upon the brand “new citizens” of the U.S., more then enough ballots to make sure that everyone gets to have their votes count at least ten times in future elections, payoff money to solidify those that choose to stay in political office FOREVER, may do so. Why wouldn’t the Russians pull their money out?

Why does the U.S. have naval vessels cruising the Black Sea? Simple, it is to counteract the Russian naval vessels that ply our Great Lakes and major rivers. 

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