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Uhh HEY American-African “lawmakers in ILLinios Howz’ about THESE “CIVIL RIGHTS”!




African-American lawmakers in Illinois ask US Justice Department to expand its civil rights investigation of the Chicago Police Department to include Independent Police Review Authority and Cook County State’s Attorney’s office – @CBSchicago

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is yu gonnas march ’til de be chage in negro killins negro in SHITCAGO jese?, HUh?, HUh? HUh?


Chicago lays to rest boy, 9, killed for father’s alleged gang ties


This is th..ohh sorry jesse, dis be da perps..

Kevin Edwards is wanted in connection with the murder of Tyshawn Lee.

Kevin Edwards is wanted in connection with the murder of Tyshawn Lee.

Suspect in Murder of Boy ABC 7

he bes Corey Morgan, 27, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, jesse..

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Fixed that for ya, NewsBusters..

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez SPIC Calls Murder of Kate Steinle a ‘Little Thing’

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Enjoy what could be THE last of a Christmas Holiday Season..

This once proud nation is coming apart at the seams. Gosh, I just can’t wait for, AND in more ways than ONE, this nice HOT SUMMER. Barry’ism is winning and “We the People” let it happen..


Hey Spikie, What About This Huh ?

CNN’s Pereira Bemoans Chicago Violence ‘Taking A Back Seat in the Headlines;’ CNN Barely Covers By: Matthew Balan | August 19, 2014, 17:17 ET

On Tuesday’s This Hour, Michaela Pereira endorsed guest L. Z. Granderson’s take on the media’s extensive coverage of the ongoing turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown. The liberal commentator pointed out that “this past weekend, we had over 30 people shot – seven of them died – in the neighborhoods in Chicago – many of them black and brown. None of that was covered.”

[MP3 audio available here;video below the jump]

Little Spikie Loves Centuries Past, Doesn’t He ? Are You A Millionaire, Here In The U.S.A. TODAY Spikie?


What about African’s to this day “War On The Black Male” Spikie? You SHOULD know, African’s STILL SELL Black Males AND FEMALES,  What about to this day, War On Black Women< you know, RAP MUSIC, HO’S and all that shit? What about Blacks on any given day HERE in the U.S.A. KILLING OTHER BLACK MALES, < you know, drive by shootings? Killings OVER DRUG TERRITORY? OR GANG RELATED TERRITORY? OR movies that you may have (dunno’ for sure, haven’t EVER NOR WILL I EVER SEE ONE) GLORIFYING , all just typed before?

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Come On Rahm! “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel quotes..

SHOCK POLL: Rahm Emanuel falls 24 points behind potential rival…

9 points behind teachers union president…

Hey Bertha Butts, if you win, you had better make Spanish MANDATORY in schools up there, because:

U.S. Senator Kirk claims 429 Illegal border kids in Chicago

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Iraq ain’t got nothin’ on us, I tells ya’. We have OUR OWN, isis..

WAR ZONE: 11 Killed, 60 Wounded In Chicagoland Shootings Over Holiday…

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Bravo! Well Done, People..

Al Sharpton’s Chicago Town Hall Erupts into Revolt Against Machine Politics

“The manner in which we have been voting needs to change,” Wendy Pearson, an activist against Chicago school closings, told the room. “I’m here to say to you that we have been trained to vote in a specific manner… we need to start looking at the manner in which our elected officials have been voting… if they have not voted in a manner that is beneficial to you, yours, and your community, then you need to start voting them out.”

McKinley told the room, “Stop blaming just anybody for the violence in the city of Chicago. Blame the right people, not just white people, but the right people. Because it’s not just white folks a part of this, but it is on the fifth floor. The fifth floor took your schools, the fifth floor just took your jobs that he said that he gave to the ex-offender… and every single alderman was a part of this criminal process.”

McKinley called on President Obama to help the grassroots by discontinuing aid and government grants that go through Chicago’s political machine to “name-brand-blue-ribbon-negro-organizations” such as the NAACP and Urban League. McKinley told Breitbart News those groups “are poverty pimps, and are part of the problem and not the solution.”

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