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Need a person to look up to, do you? Got One.

On CNN, Sheriff Clarke Slams ‘Black Lies Matter’ Movement

Jeffrey Meyer

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This IS The Way It Should Be..

Viral photo of 2 police officers message in response to ‘Black Lives Matter.’ What are your thoughts?

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Only the start of a very hot summer season. Wonder if loretta lynchme will investigate this..

OR, as one officer is white, you know, ‘FEH, he had it coming’ and with the young Black officer, ‘Nahh, we kill our own everyday in BaltiMORON, Chicago, NYC, L.A. and on and on..’

This barry hussein fella’ and his close advisor’s, one being al sharpone, have accomplished wonderful things in this race relations, stuff huh!

Two officers killed during Mississippi traffic stop, suspects in custody

  • POLICE OFFICERS Benjamin Deen, center, and Liquori Tate were shot and killed in Mississippi Saturday night during a routine traffic stop, leading to a statewide manhunt and the arrests of two suspects — Marvin Banks (inset, top) and his brother Curtis.

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Not going to matter one bit with THE RACISTS-In-Charge administration AND a democrat governor-in-charge..


Source details attack on Ferguson cop

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Possible you say nbc and cops? POSSIBLE?! Shirley You Jest, ASSHATS..

Razor blades found inside 2 separate packages of butter inside a New Jersey grocery store; police investigating the incidents as possible food tampering – @NBCNewYork

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Easy Peasy, give the dolt a water pistol to carry..

Pam Tharp / The Indianapolis Star, Indystar:
Indiana police chief accidentally shoots self at gun shop

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And I’m gonna’ do my part making this video MORE Viral..

What An Officer Does After Seeing a Kid Playing Ball Has Sent the Dash-Cam Video Viral

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Video. Boy Mirrors Swedish Guard..

Here, in the U.S. this young lad would be shot dead, by some overzealous OR idiot cop!

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