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Senator Bob Corker, RINO Tennessee. I will do everything in the pittance of power that YOU and the rest of the Gang of 535 have over citizens of the USA..

..Unfortunately my VOTE only counts for Representatives and Senators from and of the State of Tennessee. As long as I am alive, YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE MY VOTE, AGAIN!

Senate Syria resolution: 60 days with an option for 90, no ground troops

Sep 4, 2013 8:41 AM by Ed Morrissey

The folly of limited authorizations for acts of war.

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Wonderful day it is, so far. I’m not anti-social, I just don’t like PEOPLE!.. :).

..Had the occasion to make a shopping trip, the “wonderful” part is/was, seeing all these FOREIGN License plates, lined up for miles getting the HELL OUTTA’ THE AREA! That includes from other areas of Tennessee!



See these 3 Stars? If you do NOT know, they signify East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee and West Tennessee. For MOST East Tennessee folk, EAST IS SANE, Middle is Left Leaning Liberal, West is FORGET IT, ’cause it may as well be North Korea.

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