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Umm Drudge..uhh, fixed that for ya’. Uhh, BTW, What’s a los angeles?



Damn! What would the world do, without the Rose Parade. OH BYE HOLLOWOOD..

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Dozens of aftershocks throughout night…

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“Rabid Skunks”? WOW! There was a time that “Rabid Skunks” were called ‘actors and actresses’..

CA Drought May Be Forcing Rabid Skunks Into Populated Areas…

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Sandra Fluke files in California for congressional bid. As if Waxman, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, Linda Sánchez, assorted other Fruits and Nuts AND Gov. Moonbeam Brown aren’t enough..


   AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS,  MAYBE California can get Kermit Gosnell busted out of PRISON.

The reason FOR this post IS:

Alex Wong/GETTY IMAGES - Sandra Fluke, who was then a third-year law student at Georgetown University and former president of the Students for Reproductive Justice group, testifies in 2012.

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