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isis jihadi johnny would be a better representative in the nfl, than billy bellliROT. bellliROT is a fucking asshole and so is the entire team of new irish ISISpatriots..

REPORT: PATRIOTS sent team employees to steal opponents’ play sheets…

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Look, itsa’ RX for the New England Patriots. Seems they been havin’ trouble with their man parts..

Am I gonna’ watch the super bowl? I’ll let this dude speak for me..



This Asshole Is Running Neck and Neck With barry As Far As Ethics Go..

And No, and HELL NO did not watch the nfl games, nor will I watch the super bowl! Why, Because THE ENTIRE league AND sports mouths PLUS sports writers lost me when THEY TRASHED Tim Tebow. FUCK ALL OF ‘EM, Don’t Give Two Shits about them, PERIOD!




Completely Agree ! Speaking as a GATOR..


Rob Lowe: ‘Urban Meyer for President’ #NationalChampions

Urban Frank Meyer, III (born July 10, 1964) is an American college footballcoach and former player, currently the head football coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Meyer served as the head coach of the Bowling Green Falcons from 2001 to 2002, the Utah Utes from 2003 to 2004, and the Florida Gators from 2005 to 2010.[1]

Meyer was born in Toledo, Ohio, grew up in Ashtabula, Ohio and attended theUniversity of Cincinnati, where he played football.[2] During his time at the University of Florida, he coached the Gators to two BCS National Championship Game victories, during the 2006 and 2008 seasons.

During his leadership at Florida Coach Meyer had a young man named Tim Tebow:

Tebow became the Florida Gators‘ starting quarterback during the 2007 season when he became the first college sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy.[1] In 2008, Tebow led Florida to a 13–1 record and its second national championship in three years, and was named the offensive MVP of the national championship game. The Gators again went 13–1 in 2009, his senior year. At the conclusion of his college career, he held the Southeastern Conference‘s all-time records in both career passing efficiency* and total rushing touchdowns, appearing second and tenth (respectively) in the NCAA record book in these categories.[2]

*However AND unfortunately Tim Tebow was CASTIGATED for his Christian faith and belittled every single day of his career. “He Can’t Throw” by damn near if not ALL in the football world. ESPN AND former NFL players come to mind.

In A today, would Tebow have been lambasted “He Can’t Throw” were his name, Abu Bin Tebow ?!

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This guy needs a dose of Thorazine STAT! Reason number 587,201and ¾, why I no longer watch, nor listen to the NFL..

Richie Incognito of Miami Dolphins damaged own car with baseball bat…

Police checking on reported damage to a car belonging to Richie Incognito, the player at the center of the Miami Dolphins’ bullying scandal, say Incognito told an officer he did the damage himself.

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Can just hear and see the scenarios, that are about to occur. IMHO, this “rule” will exacerbate slurs of any and every kind..

I no longer watch the NFL, because it seems that the NFL has become overloaded with use of drugs and criminals of various types and classifications PLUS assinine “celebrations”. I use to be glued to the tube, watching, screaming and swearing BIG TIME. HEY, I’m a GUY. I still am a guy, but the sport has become total BULLSHIT!

Jason La Canfora / Sports News …:

NFL to adopt 15-yard penalty for use of racial slur?  —  John Wooten, head of the Fritz Pollard Alliance that monitors diversity in the NFL, said he expects the league’s competition committee to enact a rule at the owner’s meeting next month making it an automatic 15-yard penalty if a player uses …

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Druggies, Criminals and MANY assorted other ASSHATS. But HEY, Tebow Can’t Throw.

Right On Cue:

More: Former NFL star Darren Sharper pleads not guilty to drug, rape charges in Los Angeles; bail increased to $1 million – @LANow


Video Shows RAVENS Star Dragging Unconscious Fiancée Out Of Casino Elevator…

..and one wonders why, I do NOT watch NFL “games”..

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You’ll love what Olympic hockey star T.J. Oshie said about being a ‘hero’..






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