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Ahh yes, the vetting process failed..

..big time with barry.

With this individual, the vetting process failed big time. Progressives and racism played a huge roll in that failure. Unfortunately, and at great cost to our nation, this supposed ‘brilliant one’ has vetted himself.

Recall if you will an October 2008 happenstance meeting with Joe the Plumber, where he blurted out “spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody”

Well, guess what..

Back to the vetting process. ‘Christian’s were bad too’ AND ‘you were and are racists’.


The intention of those words are, “Washington that’s not working”..My Way!

Acknowledging that despite a list of accomplishments that there is still a “disquiet around the country” as well as “an anxiety, and a sense a frustration,” Obama said that “the challenges out there remain daunting and we have a Washington that’s not working.”

Well Mr. “Light Skinned” (that is your description, right Harry?), just trash the entire U.S. Constitution NOT just the bits and pieces that you HAVE trashed to this point! After all Barry, your DREAM (as was your supposed father’s “dreams”) … to make this once proud and powerful nation, both economically and militarily, into a Progressive third world hell hole (well on its way) nation, similar to say OH, Putin’s Ukraine OR Nigeria, Libya, Egypt , Cuba, Venezuela, OH OR, North Korea!

AND this incompetent fraud STILL has the warm, fuzzy Hollowood PROGRESSIVE elite praising and raising money for him AND if one questions his intentions, one is GUILTY of INEQUALITY AND RACISM!

You have the utmost respect of Antonio Gramsci, Saul Alinsky and their Neo-Marxist theory, Barry.

Barry at Hollywood Fundraiser: Politics Needs to Break Out of Cycle of ‘Dysfunction’

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Peoples of the world we live in..

..are rising up against THEIR tyrants. In the case of the Ukraine, successfully so, at least up to this point and time. Tragically, many perished BUT those that live will not forget those that died. In fact, I seem to recall a MAJOR instance or TWO that occurred right here in the U.S.A.

One of those sparked by a King in England in his and his loyal subjects, against The Colonies. Just imagine being ruled by an entire group of present day Piers Morgan’s. The second MAJOR “instance”, being the FREEING of A people AND the right of individual States versus A powerful group known  AND to this day as, The Federal Government.

We the People, have and still do HAVE a lying, incompetent who is laughed at throughout this world, steeped in Neo-Marxism, clothed in the term, “community organizer” whose only known goal most definitely is, “I have a pen” or “I can do want I want”, so there! Toss in ALL of those that see being a Representative, Senator, A FEDERAL department head, or just Heaven forfend, a working drone of the “FEDERAL” bureaucratic, that do not and have not, SERVED We the People AND by thought, word and deed KNOW, the PEOPLE SERVE THEM!

We the People, do NOT need, nor do WE want, another King, whether that “King”, be white, black, brown, red OR a combination of all.

Are WE as a people satisfied with “free phones”, insurance coverage  for ALL at inexpensive rates, which it is NOT, a FEDERAL government spying on and listening in on every word, winking and nodding and provoking  of racial divisions, continued spending of TAX dollars, increasing those tax dollars to the point of, if there STILL IS a future U.S.A. a NATIONAL debt, decades into that “future”???

Again, Where are our present day Anti-Tyrants? Will it or could it be BLOODY? YES!

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Charles Payne is absolutely CORRECT !

Charles Payne: “President Obama would love to see civil unrest in this country very much like the Arab Spring”

In his eighth and most recent pivot to the economy, President Obama has begun channeling Saul Alinsky as though he’s participating in a seance with the late Communist rabble-rouser. His rambling, 80-minute long, Castro-like speeches have increasingly revealed an inner anger with America (as noted by White House correspondent Keith Koffler).

Fox Business analyst Charles Payne sees an ominous method to the madness.

Stuart Varney: Obama used the term “inequality” more than he used the word “growth”. And this is a problem, according to Charles Payne.

Charles Payne: It is a problem. He talked about [income inequality] being morally wrong. You know, Stuart, if you and I entered this building and there were different rules for each of us, that would be morally wrong. But if I dropped out of high school and smoked weed all day and you worked your way through college and made more money than I did, that’s not inequality, that’s just.

For those that are not familiar with Charles Payne:


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Video @ link. ‘Tiz a shame, as some just may need this assistance, BUT..


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You do know, that these vile people are laughing at ALL of us, don’t you?


Bu-but, where is sandra? She isn’t in the pic shown..


Moochers thank Obama for ‘free’ birth control; Not so free to others

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It’s Not My Fault! all iwants to do, is pla me som golf, alinksy dis plac and pla me lotsa race card..


The Friday afternoon meeting among congressional leaders and the president–their first since Nov. 16–stood as a make-or-break moment for negotiations to avoid across-the-board first of the year tax increases and deep spending cuts.But even as congressional leaders prepared to convene at the White House, there were no signs that legislation palatable to both sides was taking shape.

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