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You are correct, Obama. It is YOU that should have been compared to an ant!

The Hill..Obama blasts GOP leader’s ‘ant’ comment as ‘out of touch’

This little sissy boy, had better plan on his library being built in Indonesia.


Parroting The Godfather That Nominated Her..

The Corner/NRO [Kathryn Jean Lopez]..”Kagan makes bipartisan appeal in Supreme Court confirmation hearings.”

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Don’t Forget Your Umbrella’s, Illegals..

Texas Declares State of Emergency as Alex Approaches

How's that oil thingy coming along, Obama?

Picture/Fox News

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His or Theirs? We did send one of America’s best though..

Fox News..U.S. Attorney General in Afghanistan to Discuss Corruption

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HEY! You left out Arizona. I mean, you whine about everything else. Nice folks these Islamics, huh?

MEMRI..June 3rd 2010 

The introduction, if you chose, read the rest. 


Salafi Jihadi Sheikh Hussein Bin Mahmud: Gaza Does Not Want Freedom Flotillas with Blonde Women – It Wants Black Islamic Banners of Jihad; Hitler Left Some Jews Alive So the World Could See Why He Killed the Rest; ‘Gaza… Is Thirsty and Wants to Drink the Blood of the Sons of Apes and Pigs’ 


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Ju noes, you can gets noothin, bi thees Calderon..One smar taco he ees.

Breitbart/AP..Mexican governor candidate killed, cartels blamed

Gunmen assassinated the front-running candidate for governor of a Mexican border state Monday in what President Felipe Calderon called an attempt by drug gangs to sway local and state elections this weekend.

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Are you people sick and tired of the games this imbecilic child plays, YET?!

Breitbart/AP..Obama, activists to push on immigration reform

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama is enlisting activists and labor leaders in a push for comprehensive immigration legislation that will showcase Republican opposition and include a major speech by the president.
Does this individual ever, EVER think of the NATION he has sworn to lead???

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Medvedev Says To Obama..

The Corner/NRO..U.S. Breaks Up Alleged Russian Spy Ring, Ten Arrested [Daniel Foster]

This on the heels of President Obama’s happy-go-lucky meeting with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev in D.C.

...Pull My Finger! AND Obama Does..

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