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Hans Ups No Shoes. LMFAO…

Suspected gunman in shootings of deputies apprehended

Deputy Danny Oliver killed in Sacramento shooting

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To this, I would strongly suggest, that this Leftist Barry loving RAG, send ALL of their American ‘jounOlists’ for on ground reports FROM the ‘islammie State’.. what fun for the kiddie cartoons on the weekends, all the decapitated heads. ‘look Mikey, this one has his eyes wide open’..giggling, snorting and laughter follows. ‘Hey Mommie, look at this..’

Rise of Islamic State tests GOP anti-interventionists

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A roiling national debate over how to deal with the radical Islamic State and other global hot spots has prompted a sudden shift in Republican politics, putting a halt to the anti-interventionist mood that had been gaining credence in the party.

The change is evident on the campaign trail ahead of the November midterm elections and in recent appearances by the GOP’s prospective 2016 presidential candidates, with a near-universal embrace of stronger military actions against the group that has beheaded two American journalists.

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Enough of the bullshit! On to something important..


Vodka is a chameleon and blends seamlessly with just about anything. This is no accident: While there are no universal rules for producing the spirit, the final product is supposed to be colorless, odorless and tasteless. With that said, vodka isn’t completely neutral, and a number of distillers actually leave in a good amount of flavor. (The best way to taste these subtle differences is to drink vodka neat at room temperature.)

Traditionally, vodka was made from potatoes, corn or grains, but it is now made from a range of exotic bases including grapes, maple syrup and even soybeans. Unlike Scotches and cognacs, which are made in pot stills, vodka is usually produced in a high-volume, continuous column still. After distillation, the spirit is filtered to remove any remaining impurities. Coal is a traditional filter, but brands today use a range of materials, even including diamonds. Vodka isn’t aged and can be bottled and sold immediately after production. What’s also helping to drive sales in America is the wide range of flavored vodkas now on the market.

While the spirit may be clear, its history isn’t. No one is sure where it was first made. Each vodka-producing country, of course, claims to be the inventor. What we do know is that people began drinking vodka in America as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Sales of the spirit were low until after World War II, when Americans began to shift away from Scotch and bourbon. This movement was helped by Smirnoff’s aggressive marketing in the ‘50s and ‘60s and later by the introduction of the Swedish Absolut and the super-premium Grey Goose. Today, vodka is the most popular spirit in America and outsells rum, tequila and gin combined.


Vodka can be drunk straight when chilled, but it also works well in an array of famous cocktails such as the Martini, Vesper, Screwdriver, Bloody Mary and Greyhound.


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From the ‘News You Can Use’ Department..

5 Drinking Rituals You've Never Heard Of

5 Drinking Rituals You’ve Never Heard Of 

In this country, we’re no strangers to drinking, and neither are countries around the world — so much so that drinking has become a ritualistic pastime.

  • 1. Australia — Shouting a Round of Beers


    When grabbing “schooners” (beers) with mates, Aussies take turns buying a round, which they call “shouting.” If you don’t step up and shout a round when it’s your turn, you may labeled a “tight ass” or a bludger,” neither which are nicknames you want to be called.


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And now, some really important stuff..

This is the True Love Tester bra, an “innovative bra” that “cannot be unhooked without true love.”

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Headlines from Mr. Drudge..

FLASH: Obama to hold press conference…

MERRY CHRISTMAS: WH lifts mandate for people whose insurance was canceled by Obamacare…

Go uninsured or apply for ‘catastrophic’ coverage…

‘First crack in individual mandate’…

14th change to healthcare law without Congressional approval…

New security concerns for…

POLL: Just 23% Confident in Federal Government to Handle Healthcare…

‘Obamacare’ becomes ‘nails on chalkboard’…

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eric the Red, smiles..

Meet and Greet DEE-too

“The DITU is the main interface with providers on the national security side,” said a technology industry representative who has worked with the unit on many occasions. It ensures that phone companies as well as Internet service and email providers are complying with surveillance law and delivering the information that the government has demanded and in the format that it wants. And if companies aren’t complying or are experiencing technical difficulties, they can expect a visit from the DITU’s technical experts to address the problem.

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McCain Proposes Military Aid to Al Qaeda; Mideast Map of Who Supports Who

Map of countries surrounding Syria (red) with military involvement.

  • Green: Countries that have given support to the rebels.
  • Blue: Countries that support the Syrian government
  • Yellow: Countries that have groups that support the rebels and other groups that support the Syrian government.
  • Sky Blue: Countries that have groups that support the Syrian Government.

This is pretty messy with factions in Iraq on both sides of the issue. 
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