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Aww come on, Mooch. I mean Bum Fuck, ILLinois needs representation..Wait.

Umm, make that Bum Fuck, Saskatchewan Canada? Uhh, Howz about Nunavut it is the largest, (kinda’ like that ass of yours) northernmost and newest territory of Canada.

Michelle O ‘Won’t Seek Office’…

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Uhh, umm, Dudes and Dudettes, “boost funding for” Mental Health Issues, while you’re at it!

US House passes amendment to bill that would boost funding for criminal background checks for gun purchases by $19.5 million – @frankthorpNBC

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Answer is simple NYC, Stop Electing Them..

NYC Battling Rat ‘Epidemic’…

‘They’re taking over, it’s madness’…

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Uhh, that’s a no parking area sir!

Staten Island, New York, NY, US

May 29, 2014, 12:21 PM GMT 32m

Photo: A train in Staten Island, NY, that derailed today, injuring 2 people; no passengers were on board – @MyFoxNY

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What kind of ‘nation’ have WE become?

This is happening for ILLEGAL Aliens.

Washington scramble to provide food, housing to DREAMers pouring across border…

This is happening to the brave men and women of  military that fought for what they believed WAS the UNITED States of America.

1,700 veterans not on official wait list at Phoenix VA facility, would never see doctors

WHISTLEBLOWER: Texas VA Run Like ‘Crime Syndicate’…


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Not good enough! BUT The Bad Dudes On The Inside Will Take Care of This Mo’Fo..

New Jersey, US

May 28, 2014, 08:15 PM GMT 2m

New Jersey man gets life in prison for tossing 2-year-old daughter strapped to car seat into creek – @AP

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The Most Critical “Too Late” Red Flag Was (and will be in the future) Severe Psychiatric Disorders that were overlooked by “parents” and ALL involved with these LOONIES!!!

But wait, there’s more! AND if you call within the next 30 minutes We Will Toss In A Set of, you know the rest..

The Isla Vista Shooter’s Checkered Family Past: ‘Life-Changing’ Divorce at Age 7, Therapy by 8

Whenever a young person engages in a mass shooting, media scrutiny immediately falls on the parents – particularly when, as with Elliott Rodger, there was a long history of mental illness. In this case, a checkered family history marked by consistent but sporadic attempts to find help ended in tragedy. Here is what we know about the shooter’s relationship with his parents:

Los Angeles Times:
In Isla Vista, red flags came too late

You mean like this TOO LATE Red Flag Los Angeles Times?

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Hey! I have a pen and a phone, I WILL do whatever I want. Ahh yes..

Obama weighs sending troops to advise, equip moderate Syria rebels

..Arab Spring. Right War, Wrong War. Red Line. I will NOT let you do THAT Vladimir! So what if THEY die! If JUST wounded, I will let the VA kill them!

Time to “Frog March” this incompetent fraud and his YOU WILL EAT WHAT I TOLD YOU TO EAT “wife” out of Washington D.C. YET !?!?!

By The Way, Whatcha’ eatin’ there Moochelle?


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