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BTW..New Alcoholic Brew. etcbeertini © . BEER Don’t matter what brand. Higher alcohol the better. Tad of juice of Green olives skewed on a toothpick, stir gently. Drink the Bastard!!

..3 Garlic or Bleu Cheese Stuffed Green Olives skewed with toothpick in a pint of BEER. One Pepperoncini pepper, plus juice of, stir gently, let rest just a tad, then drink the damn thing or TEN © !!!


Well Golly Gee Shit, I Just Happen To Have Two Bags! Am I Gooder Or What!

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos qualify as ‘Smart Snack’ under federal guidelines



AND, the ‘punchline’ IS, when he pours a draft, its gotta a head on it..

Rare infection causes Texas man to brew beer in own stomach


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Missed Your Chance At A Few Dozen Doughnuts, With Some Brewski Gov. Butterball..

Christie Turns Down
Paul’s Peace Offering


VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul on War of Words With Gov. Christie


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Ja, wir Deutschen tranken Bier dieses Mal NICHT. Umm, oh yeah..(Yes, we Germans did NOT drink beer, this time.)

Alison Smale / New York Times:NEW!

Reception for Obama Is More Sober Than in 2008  —  BERLIN — The last time President Obama paid a visit here, as a candidate in 2008, he was cheered on by 200,000 Germans eager to see the back of George W. Bush and, as one member of that crowd recalled Tuesday, “full of wholly unrealistic expectations …

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Sun’s Quiet Corona..I call bullshit! THIS is a Corona!

Corona beer

This image taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory’s Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) instrument at 171 Angstrom shows the current conditions of the quiet corona and upper transition region of the Sun.  
Image Credit: NASA/SDO


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