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Answer SHOULD BE ‘SIMPLE’, NEVER EVER Even Consider ANY Potential Candidate..

..ELECTING FOR ANY OFFICE, INCLUDING THE “highest” meaning prezy, ESPECIALLY ONE WITH A VERY DUBIOUS PAST!! You know, like barry of KENYAN GENES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama actions require background checks by all in ‘business’ of firearms

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OH and to this, the ONLY QUESTION, the MOST important question that needed to be asked was..Did You Wash Your Hands, hillary?

Democratic presidential front runner Hillary Clinton was late getting back to the debate stage Saturday night because she didn’t want to share a restroom with a Martin O’Malley staffer.

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..If he is the nominee of the RINO Party, I will NOT be voting in the election. As to Hillary, SHE would be the second ALINSKY’ITE in a row. Good Luck USA. You Bought It, You Own It!!!

TRUMP HITS W: ‘Say what you want, World Trade Center came down during his time’…


Both Are Lying Bitches!!! One of the two, says he is a man..

AWKWARD? Obama, Hillary on Martha’s Vineyard amid email storm

ABOUT A YEAR AGO, Hillary Clinton promised she was going to ‘absolutely’ hug it out with President Obama on Martha’s Vineyard after critical comments she made about foreign policy — Saturday the two are expected to meet face to face again on the exclusive island with Clinton’s email controversy and a potential Joe Biden 2016 bid as the backdrop.

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Just remember that this arrogant bitch, corresponded with Saul Alinsky. Difference between her and the NEGRO in charge IS he really worked the Saul baby shit..

..Hillary and Saul just exchanged love letters..


‘The hell with losing weight’…

Hillary releases official campaign playlist on SPOTIFY…

Dodges on trade…

Cheered After Ending First Press Conference…

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Gosh, how lucky can Canada and Australia be huh? Sitting next to the corrupt, lying, incompetent, in collusion to defraud the American people, with barry husseinCARE..

OOO, Mexico sitting directly behind barry. Who knows how many MORE ILLEGALS they will tunnel (or have tunneled) to barry boy while there, for INSTANT CITIZENSHIT. Say HI or FIST BUMP old friends from Indonesia, did’ja barry?

G20 Summit 2014

Nov 15, 2014, 07:07 AM GMT 3h

Graphic: Seating plan for 1st plenary session of G20 summit – @australian

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Look, barry is turning YELLOW for his hosts. But then, with Indonesia as his background..

FUCKING WORTHLESS INCOMPETENT YELLOW BLACK SNAKE.. This individual cannot possibly complete his term. 

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Big tip for you barry, save the THREE LIP LOOK for your eviction from the House “Of, For and By the People”. BTW barry, you do know it is named, The WHITE HOUSE, don’t you, you racist incompetent fraud..

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