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The U.S. State of nevada should be declared NULL and VOID for continually electing this ASSHOLE!!!


Harry Reid says RNC should reimburse taxpayers for Benghazi Committee

Fuck nevada

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Hey nevada, you have a shiite MORMON senator. Lucky you..

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harry reid is a vile old man that will ALWAYS consider himself, the owner of the State of Nevada AND, the U.S.A.

..Recent documents are said to show, harry being one of the most corrupt members of the Democratic party. harry is a Mormon MORON. Mitt Romney and Mia Love ARE Mormons..

Harry Reid Vows to Continue Harassing Koch Brothers After Dems Waste Millions Attacking Them in Midterms

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has spent a lot of his time in an ultimately toothless attack on Charles and David Koch, two billionaire brothers who have spent millions on Libertarian and Republican political causes. Now, despite massive electoral losses proving that those attacks didn’t help Democrats at the polls, Reid and other Democrats are promising to keep pursuing their assault.


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Well barry, a good start would be, put harry reid’s GONADS in a vise and keep turning the damn thing, dipstick!



President Obama congratulates Republican congressional leaders for running a strong campaign but says Americans remain frustrated by political gridlock – @petermaercbs

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