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Anthony Weiner Blames Election Loss on His Last Name

Change it to

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Ahhh yes! The Lone Arranger and Kemo Gaffe, ride again..

AlFonzo Rachel/JoeDan Gorman

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Question. How many children have been OR ARE killed, in this fashion, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Morgan and the absolute millions..

..on the Left that most certainly agree with Planned Parenthood on this subject? Question number 2 Bloomberg, Cuomo, Morgan, et al. As horrific as the Adam Lanza Sandy Hook murders were, the James Holmes body count, Jared Loughner’s, Klebold and Harris of Columbine ‘fame’..mental case murderers with guns, THEIR total killed and again HORRIBLE, but if a body count is required, as you above mentioned, (including Barry Soetero) who or whom has the LEAD?

Question number 3. Planned Parenthood, Doctor’s and Women..OR?????

Planned Parenthood endorses post-birth abortion Video  by Elizabeth Price Foley

POST-BIRTH “ABORTIONS”– AKA INFANTICIDE:   No matter what you think of abortion, you need to be disturbed by this video.  At a recent committee hearing in the Florida legislature to consider a bill that would require health care providers to provide care to an infant that survives an abortion procedure, the spokesperson for Florida Planned Parenthood, Alisa LaPolt Snow, asserted that the decision about such lifesaving care should be left to the decision of the mother.

In the still shot of this video, it seems as though some of the people are rather aghast at what is stated..

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Tita Von Deese..Oh Wait! Almost Kinda’, Sorta’ resembles piers morgan, in drag except for the Ta-Ta’s of course..

Dita Von Teese in DIY Dress

Dita Von Teese in DIY Dress


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