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Difference Between hILLARY and tRUMP, one of ’em puts on lipstick. Not sure which one tho’..

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Aww, how nice barry BUT seems like OUR government, has several “convicts” already!!

Obama to Sign Order Forcing Government to Hire Convicts

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For far to long, this female and her known to be corrupt family, have run Louisiana, time to wise up people..

Did not read the article, nor did I view the video BUT in her “dig”, I seriously doubt that she, of extremely low IQ, understood that SHE IS ONE of those “Southern voters”. You see, her brain must resemble a Muffaletta, soaked in Gumbo. Pisser IS, she runs the nation, along with others of her ilk, male and female of BOTH political parties to include one named Barry.

Sen. Landrieu takes heat for dig on Southern voters


VIDEO: La. Congressman responds to remarks

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Keeeyrist, can ya’ blame ’em?

When a very frequent ‘lounge’ “lizard” and I spotted a “bearded lady”, I had another drink, shook my head, mumbled ‘holy shit’ and walked, no, RAN away..

Male lizards tend to steer clear of bearded lady lizards

Trust science on this: Guys are generally not eager to mate with a high-testosterone bearded lady.  

But what goes on with other animals that share “male” ornamentation? Do the females pay a heavy price for aping the decoration of their sexual counterparts? If so, why would that trait survive?

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And now, some really important stuff..

This is the True Love Tester bra, an “innovative bra” that “cannot be unhooked without true love.”

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Aside from this ONE(1) post, I couldn’t give two damns about, justin, miley, britney! Entertainers, HA!

Justin Bieber Resurfaces in Panama Two Days After DUI Arrest…

Several media outlets (and fans) have confirmed that Justin Bieber has resurfaced in Panama following his DUI arrest in Miami on Thursday.

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You do know that Rachel went to Oxford, don’t you?

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Caught Lying About Koch Brothers; Refuses to Retract   tpnn


Question. Is wishing for a “White Christmas” Racist ? Let’s ask our distinguished panel..







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