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Tits up bitch, kill him now. A good attorney could get ANY so called charge, reduced to (if that is a correct term) justifiable homicide. I mean he did attack you, correct?

Emily Rapp “If I had known before he was born, I would have saved him from suffering”


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It certainly did, #44.

Obama #44 says: Apology to Afghans 'Calmed Things Down'...

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thees pancho gravilla wetbac ees how u say juan, stoopid, jes stoopid, fat en swety..

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Jesus, do I have to tell you EVERYTHING!? The God Damn Cold Killed His Ass!!

What Killed Otzi the Iceman?

What Killed Otzi the Iceman?


Well, other then that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?

STUDY: Mosques in America nearly double since 9/11…

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You know what Afghans..Go Fuck Yourselves, you Neanderthal bastards..

Afghan government calls for trial for Quran-burning soldiers…


‘Cept for these few, there are no words..

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So umm, what do the cops do?

Mom allegedly assaults man trying to give son drugs

A Missouri mother is facing assault charges in a case where she allegedly struck a man she says was supplying her son with heroin, Fox 2Now reports. 

Sherrie Gavan says she felt threatened during a conversation with the man. Gavan’s son Clayton is a teenager who got hooked on the drug while still attending high school. He tells the story so many do about trying to get clean.

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