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While the difference between race and ethnicity is problematic..

..what does YOUR ethnic group NOT UNDERSTAND about WE the PEOPLE of the present USA, do NOT want anymore of YOUR ETHNIC group HERE IN THE USA! There ARE MILLIONS of YOUR ETHNIC group in THE USA NOW ILLEGALLY! And YES, I know that YOUR ETHNIC group DRUG enterprises, PROSTITUTION enterprises PAID BY THIS and past administration’s of this COMPLETELY screwed up USA “government”, some State and LOCAL “governments”, along with OUR DRUGGIE and HOOKER lovers, are in some part the ONLY income source YOU HAVE.

Report: Eric Holder, Jeh Johnson to Give Final Input on Executive Amnesty One Week After Midterms

Attorney General eric holder (and WIFEY TOO, huh eric?) and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will reportedly give President barack obama their final executive amnesty recommendations in two weeks, a week after the midterm elections in which Republicans could take back Congress.




All according to THE islam FRIENDLY RACIST JEW HATING Neo-Marxist plan..

..With assistance from OTHER “light-skinned” ..”with no Negro dialect, unless heTHEY’ wanted to have one.” in this administration. THANKS harry.


Study Claims Large Numbers of Non-Citizens Participate in Elections…


The remaining Neo-Marxists, AKA “DEMS”, OF ‘WHITE, BROWN, YELLOW, with combinations thereof, are elated that THEY FINALLY have the golden opportunity in completing THEIR denigration of a ONCE PROUD NATION, that along with other nations led the global community against ALL EVILS. 

To say OR indicate that the USA will become a 3rd rate global power, is being kind, unless “We the People” say and in actual fact indicate ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and stop OUR EVIL, ALL HEADLINES ABOVE WILL COME TO PASS!

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Our nation is in STEEP decline. Forget the shaming Vladimir is doing to us..

Teen banned from track meet over pink Mohawk to support cancer-stricken mom


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“Divides”. In simple (as it use to be) mathematics, if we only could ‘Subtract’ “Democrats”..

Pew Research Center for the People and the Press:

Keystone XL Pipeline Divides Democrats

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The difference between Progressives spying on ANY opposition AND Progressives spying on Progressives..

And yet these ardent followers of ONE PARTY RULE in the U.S., (Democrats?) condemn the Russian/Ukraine confrontation?

Need more proof that the Progressive thought process, is an incurable disease?

Alicia Budich / CBS News:

Democrats convinced Darrell Issa can’t hold Lois Lerner in contempt

Deirdre Walsh / CNN:

Pelosi: Alleged CIA spying on Senate committee ‘appalling’  —

Washington (CNN) – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday called recent allegations of CIA spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee “pretty appalling” and said the agency’s response to the controversy has been “befuddling” so far.

BTW! Notice that foul female BOSSY BITCH from (Why hasn’t California EARTHQUAKED ITSELF INTO THE PACIFIC YET?) smiling and leading PROTEST THEE, BUT NOT ME..

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Peoples of the world we live in..

..are rising up against THEIR tyrants. In the case of the Ukraine, successfully so, at least up to this point and time. Tragically, many perished BUT those that live will not forget those that died. In fact, I seem to recall a MAJOR instance or TWO that occurred right here in the U.S.A.

One of those sparked by a King in England in his and his loyal subjects, against The Colonies. Just imagine being ruled by an entire group of present day Piers Morgan’s. The second MAJOR “instance”, being the FREEING of A people AND the right of individual States versus A powerful group known  AND to this day as, The Federal Government.

We the People, have and still do HAVE a lying, incompetent who is laughed at throughout this world, steeped in Neo-Marxism, clothed in the term, “community organizer” whose only known goal most definitely is, “I have a pen” or “I can do want I want”, so there! Toss in ALL of those that see being a Representative, Senator, A FEDERAL department head, or just Heaven forfend, a working drone of the “FEDERAL” bureaucratic, that do not and have not, SERVED We the People AND by thought, word and deed KNOW, the PEOPLE SERVE THEM!

We the People, do NOT need, nor do WE want, another King, whether that “King”, be white, black, brown, red OR a combination of all.

Are WE as a people satisfied with “free phones”, insurance coverage  for ALL at inexpensive rates, which it is NOT, a FEDERAL government spying on and listening in on every word, winking and nodding and provoking  of racial divisions, continued spending of TAX dollars, increasing those tax dollars to the point of, if there STILL IS a future U.S.A. a NATIONAL debt, decades into that “future”???

Again, Where are our present day Anti-Tyrants? Will it or could it be BLOODY? YES!

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The hits just keep on, keeping on huh?

Study: Nearly Half Of Water Taps May Contain Bacteria That Causes Legionnaires’ Disease

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The data is scary: Nearly half of water faucets sampled across the United States tested positive for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease.

While the study was small — researchers only sampled 67 public and private water sources such as kitchen sinks and drinking fountains – it’s the first one to chart the presence of the potentially deadly bacteria in water taps.

According to the EPA, the organization that conducted the research, 32 taps contained the bacteria, and 11 of those contained it in multiple samples.

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe form of pneumonia that causes chills, fever, headache, a cough and more. It can be deadly.

The study was published on Feb. 18 in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

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A Serious Advisory To All in Washington D.C. From the individuals that clean and tidy..

.. offices occupied by those that now RULE our nation NOT by the principles and documents our nation was founded upon, but by edicts of your own, UP TO and INCLUDING the individual pictured below, along with those that sit with Black Robes, the injustices that ALL of you have FOISTED upon the Peoples, Black, Brown, Red, White, Yellow, Green with Pink Polka Dots AND ANYTHING in between.

YOUR time is running short. Rectify what YOU HAVE DONE, USING OUR BASIC GUIDING PRINCIPLES and DOCUMENTS, OR FACE the consequences,  of what you have placed upon ‘We the People’!

YOU have NO ONE to blame, but yourselves..

PAPER:  Is Obama an imperial president?

White House warns of congressional bypass…

SOTU address will lay out ‘unilateral’ agenda…

Plan to Use Executive Action Triggers Criticism…

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