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Boy George and The A-Team

Soldiers of fortune team up with a “English glitter prince.”

by Alex Q. Arbuckle


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Gosh barry, lemme’ take a Scientific Wild Ass Guess as to who or whom, is a Fault here..

Martin Van Buren?

Franklin Pierce

Grover Cleveland

William Howard Taft

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Bill Clinton

George W. Bush

barack obama 



With Syria’s Assad regime poised to retake Aleppo from rebels, White House calls it a ‘setback’; says a terrible humanitarian situation poised to get worse – @margbrennan

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Umm, barry, the ONLY GREEN YOU should concern yourself with is/are..

..The PUS in YOUR HEAD, on YOUR TONGUE, in YOUR HEART. Dats IT, barry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



President obama, soetoro (PICK ONE) on proposed gasoline tax: the US should use this period when gas prices are low to accelerate the change to a green economy

OH YEAH anz da sam tings goe fo, tRUMP..

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Well Of Course barry soetoro,obama, pick one BARRY!!

Howz’ dis one?

Original Danish Cartoons Offending The Prophet (Who Died 13 Centuries ...

OR dis one?

and muslim jokes muslim jokes nasty muslim jokes muslim joke cartoon ...




During #MosqueVisit, Obama calls for Muslim TV show characters ‘unrelated to national security’

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If by the chance this ASSHOLE is the nominee AND elected, those that voted to do so in both cases..

..will deserve EVERYTHING they get AND that ain’t gonna’ be much except, ‘I’m great aren’t I’? ‘Oh, umm, which way to the donnie House’, I was so busy telling everyone ALL OF MY BULLSHIT, I forgot where it was’.

Unfortunately those among us that REJECTED THIS ASSHOLE WILL SUFFER!

Donald Trump: ‘Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it’; Update: Trump calls for new Iowa caucus

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id·i·o·cy ˈidēəsē/Submit noun extremely stupid behavior, on the part of Team Cruz…


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All clASS ain’t he?

Trump Tweets Out Seductive Photos of Megyn Kelly


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is continuing his attacks on Fox News host and debate moderator Megyn Kelly.

The GOP front-runner posted seductive photos of her from a 2010 GQ Magazine shoot on his official Twitter page and referred to her as “the bimbo that’s asking presidential questions.”

Trump’s Fox feud dates back to the first primary debate, when Kelly took him to task over derogatory statements he’d made about women.


Trump announced this week that he would boycott Thursday’s Fox debate following a mocking Fox News statement that suggested Trump would replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers and that the leaders of Iran and Russia “both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly” if he becomes president.

He accused Kelly of being “a lightweight” and says he will instead host a fundraiser for wounded veterans instead of attending the debate.

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Special Guest CLOWN this year IS..tRUMP…

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