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Oh My John, NOW the Atheists, islammies, the Left and barry are gonna’ go Batshit Crazy..

First Bibi Netanyahu AND ThePope ?



House Speaker John Boehner says Pope Francis will speak to a joint meeting of Congress on Sept. 24 – @jamiedupree



AND from the ever popular ‘News You Can Use’ department..

The science behind everything you need to know about hangovers

The Myths:

1. I Feel Like Death Because Alcohol Made Me Dehydrated.

2. Mixing Boozes Will Make You More Hungover.

3. Vodka Makes Me Less Hungover Than Other Spirits.

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Keeeyrist, can ya’ blame ’em?

When a very frequent ‘lounge’ “lizard” and I spotted a “bearded lady”, I had another drink, shook my head, mumbled ‘holy shit’ and walked, no, RAN away..

Male lizards tend to steer clear of bearded lady lizards

Trust science on this: Guys are generally not eager to mate with a high-testosterone bearded lady.  

But what goes on with other animals that share “male” ornamentation? Do the females pay a heavy price for aping the decoration of their sexual counterparts? If so, why would that trait survive?

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Ya’ know, Yakov Smirnoff as the Russian comedian who pumps his arms, exclaims ‘What a country’..

..Was absolutely correct. “What a country”. Where else in and on the Big Blue Orb, could a person, (Oh Hell, what’s that dudes name? Yeah the dopey lookin’ one, with glasses) as some have said, co-opt (see the definition of STEAL) an idea, name it Microsoft, then create something called Internet Explorer and THEN find out that Internet Explorer must have, 835,327 and ¾ PATCHES (and counting) AND BECOME AN EFFIN’ BILLIONAIRE!

You were and are right on target, Yakov Smirnoff. OH and the VODKA ain’t bad, either. ‘Cause I just tried to SHARE a previous post, ONE FUCKING TIME and wound up SHARING that post with half the population in PERSIA!

Should just buy an APPLE, but I’d eat the damn thing!

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And now, some really important stuff..

This is the True Love Tester bra, an “innovative bra” that “cannot be unhooked without true love.”

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Wouldn’t they make a lovely couple?

Henry Waxman

Joyce Carol-Oates

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Jimmy McMillan says: It’s To Damn Cold Outside!

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Oh-Oh. Hitler’s health insurance is cancelled And more..

Meet Hitler..


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