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Gosh donnieBoy, kinda’ looks, feels and sounds like your entire families history! Past, Now and Future with your wonderful family genetics..

Election being rigged ‘at many polling places’: Trump

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Well, since YOURS is OVER, yours evidently does not mattr anymoe, huh!?

Ferguson, Missouri, protest leader found shot dead in burning car: police

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Let’s see here, January 20th 2017, your term for wrecking the USA ENDS. BUT barry, there is plenty of time left for you to put your application in..

Candidates for next UN chief to face nations for first time


While the difference between race and ethnicity is problematic..

..what does YOUR ethnic group NOT UNDERSTAND about WE the PEOPLE of the present USA, do NOT want anymore of YOUR ETHNIC group HERE IN THE USA! There ARE MILLIONS of YOUR ETHNIC group in THE USA NOW ILLEGALLY! And YES, I know that YOUR ETHNIC group DRUG enterprises, PROSTITUTION enterprises PAID BY THIS and past administration’s of this COMPLETELY screwed up USA “government”, some State and LOCAL “governments”, along with OUR DRUGGIE and HOOKER lovers, are in some part the ONLY income source YOU HAVE.

Report: Eric Holder, Jeh Johnson to Give Final Input on Executive Amnesty One Week After Midterms

Attorney General eric holder (and WIFEY TOO, huh eric?) and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson will reportedly give President barack obama their final executive amnesty recommendations in two weeks, a week after the midterm elections in which Republicans could take back Congress.




If Only Hollowood, Califonicate Was Crumpled, Huh! Like Tarantino, Penn, Ron Howard, and of course the NEGRO Spic (yeah yeah spike) Lee…

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One does NOT have to LIVE in A or THE State represented, Just Keep Sending Money To That or A State..

The Republican hairy weed, pat roberts..

 ‘Toto, I’ve a feeling Kansas is not in the U.S. we’re not in Kansas anymore’.


Kansas GOP Sen. Roberts survives Tea Party-backed primary challenge, adds to incumbent victories

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Spot On Characterization Of This Atrocity..



Update: Reports say some Malaysian plane crash bodies loaded onto trains which are heading for rebel-held city – @AP


Of course, one may honor our brave ANY DAY, well, with the exception of when Barry and OUR ELITIST BASTARDS of BOTH Parties in DC, shut all down last year and chuckled when they did..

Nation honors fallen on Memorial Day

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