Archive for category Terrible Puns included “panties” in its list of the “Five Words That Need To Be Banned From English.” Umm, phraseology faux pas, maybe? “”, “panties”

First: Thanks for the mention.

So far, the best alternative seems to be referring to them by their particular style, like men do: briefs, boxers, boxer-briefs, long-johns. We could call them thongs, boy-shorts, G-strings. Et cetera.

Actress Christina Hendricks, in 2011told Esquirethat “Panties is wonderful word. … It’s girly. It’s naughty. Say it more.” Personally, though, I don’t know many women who would agree with her.


If you womendo not measure up to this lovely creature, it is called ENVY. That’s why mostwomen”  “wouldNOTagree with her

And apparently I’m not alone. In addition to a slew of blog posts and message boards denouncing the word, The Huffington Post’s Zoë Triska named it “the worst word ever. included “panties” in its list of the “Five Words That Need To Be Banned From English.

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And to that line I say..I’ll be Syriaus, if you’ll be Roebuck..

Legal Insurrection: ARB WNTR

With a great line: You can’t be Syriaus.

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