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Uhh burnie, your words below indicate YOU DID “attack”, friggin IDIOT LEFTIST..

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Yeah So!? Most, If NOT ALL, Are Stupid Bastards Anyhoo! No Doubt Voted For barry of Kenyan Genes TWICE!!



Talk about “Chutzpah”, harold !!!

Bibi Is Giving Chutzpah a Bad Name – Harold Meyerson, Washington Post

This is harold’s background:

Born in Los Angeles, Meyerson was educated in the Los Angeles public schools and at Columbia University. The son of long time leaders in California of the Socialist Party of America, he was active in the 1970s in the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee.

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Should all of the Prognosticators be proven correct.. to Republicans taking control of the U.S. Senate and keeping control of the House of Representatives after the voting today..

How many POSTDATED ‘Denials of Passage’ BILLS that STILL SIT ON harry reid’s DESK, (if he loses his reign of terror) with the approval OF barry, will harry through EDICT sign?


Finally! An answer as to ‘How The Left was Brought into Being’..

Early Earth suffered 500-million-year asteroid storm


Got that right!

Fatal mosquito virus found in Massachusetts...


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The intention of those words are, “Washington that’s not working”..My Way!

Acknowledging that despite a list of accomplishments that there is still a “disquiet around the country” as well as “an anxiety, and a sense a frustration,” Obama said that “the challenges out there remain daunting and we have a Washington that’s not working.”

Well Mr. “Light Skinned” (that is your description, right Harry?), just trash the entire U.S. Constitution NOT just the bits and pieces that you HAVE trashed to this point! After all Barry, your DREAM (as was your supposed father’s “dreams”) … to make this once proud and powerful nation, both economically and militarily, into a Progressive third world hell hole (well on its way) nation, similar to say OH, Putin’s Ukraine OR Nigeria, Libya, Egypt , Cuba, Venezuela, OH OR, North Korea!

AND this incompetent fraud STILL has the warm, fuzzy Hollowood PROGRESSIVE elite praising and raising money for him AND if one questions his intentions, one is GUILTY of INEQUALITY AND RACISM!

You have the utmost respect of Antonio Gramsci, Saul Alinsky and their Neo-Marxist theory, Barry.

Barry at Hollywood Fundraiser: Politics Needs to Break Out of Cycle of ‘Dysfunction’

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I’ll Take U.S. Government for $1000.00 Alex..

U.S. Government Bureau is not considered “ROGUE”.

Please remember your answer must be in the form of a question..

What Is NONE?! Alex.

‘Rogue’ Agency? EPA under fire for allegedly obstructing investigations

Who Is This Guy Pictured?

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