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And just exactly how would YOU, you bloviating loud mouth asshole do that, huh?!

Mark Hensch / The Hill:
Trump: ‘I would close up our borders’ after Brussels

Nationalize ALL local, state police forces, along with positioning all available U.S. military land forces standing shoulder to shoulder along the Mexican AND Canadian borders? OH and don’t forget, along the Alaskan/Canadian border. U.S. Naval/Coast Guard forces off each and every U.S. coastal area? The Great Lakes? Ooops, forgot, ring Hawaii with those forces, too?

Just exactly HOW, tRUMP! YOU are running for OUR nation’s highest office, SPIT IT OUT, mr. You’re Fired!


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“God’s work”?? Umm, do you mean rev. jeremiah wright and his “God Damn America”, God’s work?


Obama to OFA: ‘The work you’re doing is God’s work’

P.S. I know the intent behind the ‘picturing’ of mr. “I have a Pen” and his smug bastard look, but for Christ’s Sake STOP WITH THE DAMN HALO EFFECT, HUH!!!

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Neat huh ? Who needs jobs here, ain’t that correct unions. GM will more than likely pay, ohh, somethin’ like a buck and a quarter a MONTH to those mejicanos..

GM to Invest $691 Million in Mexico

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This here administration and their lackey corps. jus’ keeps gettin’ gooder and gooder, eh? Remember that when Barry and Mochelle are doin’ some moves tonight! Money? Nahh, ain’t (OOPS) theirs so screw it..

PRIVACY: Verizon will reprogram your air card so the feds can track you.

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Keeyrist, I guess! Turned ’em all into Pandas. WWWD? What Will Wal-Mart Do ?


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Demand your money back and NEVER EVER shop their stores, again. Spread the word..

Dick’s Sporting Goods Refusing to Honor Military-Style Rifle Orders Placed Before CT Shooting

Dick’s Sporting Goods Refusing to Honor Military-Style Rifle Orders Placed Before CT Shooting blaze

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