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See This ? © It means I own that name !! Found me a new Martini..BTW, a Peperoncini IS a PEPPER, as one lovely lady knows. Her name is Purpleborough

Peperoncini Martini©

1. Just a splash of the juice of bottled/canned Peperoncini

2. Gin or Vodka

3. Drizzle of Dry Vermouth 

4. Enjoy !

5. For those of an uncouth OR jes gimme a brewski nature, do not forget to chomp down on the Peperoncini


7. Hey, imaeyetalian ! Actually SICILIAN ! SHHHH, Omerta !!

AND you can find the lovely lady here:

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Strange Happenings in These Here Mountains.

High Wind Warning AND Rain, with all the nice tall trees surrounding this place. BUT that is NOT the gist of THE “strange happenings”..

After cleaning out the fireplace and dumping remaining charred wood and spent ash, I took the ash bucket out to dump. Lo and behold, some sorry BASTARDS left 12 unopened cans of a 24 pack BREWSKI. AND, this place and the humble abode is rather difficult to find when one has no idea where they are, OR what CENTURY this is.

A pleasant and lovely day yesterday was, one of my Collies, I raise Collies and Pembroke Welsh Corgis, show AND pet quality. One of the Collies, a female Sable and White, named Tara, started barking and VERY protectively so, which of course led to a resounding HELL YEAH from the rest of the group. The Corgis DO (damn it!) the ankle biting, the Collies would and will take care of the rest of.

They vamoosed, after the barking AND the Beware of Dogs warning signs. What THEY did NOT know was the owner, ME, had and always do have IS, various items of protection OTHER than barking dogs . Such A Shame. LMFAO!

And yes, I do imbibe BUT THE Present that was left, Will Be Dumped


Enough of “Asininities of the Human Kind”. Umm, err, except for mine. HEY, it’s my blog!

Extreme Storms on Uranus Puzzle Astronomers

Sooo, the question IS: Why would Astronomers puzzle about URanus, huh?

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Unless I come back as ME, a few “billion” times, I don’t really give a damn.

STUDY: Life on Earth has another 1.75 billion years to go…


Fixed that for Drudge. OOPS! Dludge..

I take no sides, I do my best to piss everyone off..

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Have identification papers indicated any from the American Left? Terrible person, aren’t I ?

Pig carcasses are found floating in the river. Photo: Yang Hui / GT


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Welcome back, hope you folks had fun. Don’t believe I’d live long stating that to their faces. he-he-he..

CARNIVAL Bus Breaks Down Carrying Passengers From Ship!


Well OK, if you insist..geez.

Public university plans event to help female students achieve orgasm…

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