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Team Obama Must Go! The question is, can the nation afford to wait until 2012? Impeach, Tar and Feather, Run Out Of Town On A Rail. Package and Send To Pakistan, Indonesia..

Fox News..Timing of National Guard’s Deployment to Southwest Border Stirs Confusion, Anger

The 1,200 National Guard troops expected to arrive Sunday on the southwest border for reinforcement won’t finish deploying until late September, federal officials say, stirring confusion and anger among Arizona lawmakers who thought the deadline was Aug. 1.

The game playing has to end, Team Obama. Your choice is when…As the commercial went..Pay me now, or pay me later…One way or another…You.Will.Pay!

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Nightmare video, with a happy ending..

Breitbart TV/Reuters Video..A Turkish toddler survives a three-floor fall from a balcony when he lands on a stack of plastic pipes

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Is the U.S. Next?

Advertising Age via Drudge Report..Is Your Detergent Stalking You?

NEW YORK ( — Unilever’s Omo detergent is adding an unusual ingredient to its two-pound detergent box in Brazil: a GPS device that allows its promotions agency Bullet to track shoppers and follow them to their front doors.

Starting next week, consumers who buy one of the GPS-implanted detergent boxes will be surprised at home, given a pocket video camera as a prize and invited to bring their families to enjoy a day of Unilever-sponsored outdoor fun.

Fernando Figueiredo, Bullet’s president, said the GPS device is activated when a shopper removes the detergent carton from the supermarket shelf. Fifty Omo boxes implanted with GPS devices have been scattered around Brazil, and Mr. Figueiredo has teams in 35 Brazilian cities ready to leap into action when a box is activated. The nearest team can reach the shopper’s home “within hours or days,” and if they’re really close by, “they may get to your house as soon as you do,” he said.


Unilever Brands

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Laugh this one off (as you will) gutless, useless and corrupt Washington, DC. This includes you, Obama..

WSJ via Hot Air..Young Illegals Out Themselves, Daring To Be Deported

What part of “ILLEGAL” is not understood?!

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While there is truth to this, what is NOT mentioned is..

.. the treatment of workers by American UNION’s has been just as treacherous. Hey, you guys and gals, we need some UNION THUGS at this protest today..If you need us…we will be at OUR golf course, you can’t play on..

OH, don’t forget, vote Democrat, or we’ll break your arms..

New York Times/Bob Herbert..A Sin and a Shame

The treatment of workers by American corporations has been worse — far more treacherous — than most of the population realizes. There was no need for so many men and women to be forced out of their jobs in the downturn known as the great recession.

Many of those workers were cashiered for no reason other than outright greed by corporate managers. And that cruel, irresponsible, shortsighted policy has resulted in widespread human suffering and is doing great harm to the economy.

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Meet the extended “mongrel” (did The One, really say that?) Sherrod family..

The Hill..Black lawmakers irate over Emanuel’s $1.5 billion promise to Sen. Lincoln

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Tune in next week for another adventure of Batman and Robbing..

Breitbart/Big Government..Shirley Sherrod and Pigford: ‘There is More to the Story….’by Publius

  American Thinker offers some interesting background on Shirley Sherrod.

“This past Sunday, in his weekly column for the San Francisco Chronicle, ‘Willie’s World,’ veteran black politico Willie Brown confirmed that ‘there is more to the story than just [Sherrod’s] remarks.’
‘As an old pro,’ Brown acknowledged, “I know that you don’t fire someone without at least hearing their side of the story unless you want them gone in the first place.’ Brown observed that Sherrod had been a thorn in the USDA’s side for years, that many had objected to her hiring, and that she had been ‘operating a community activist organization not unlike ACORN.’ Although Brown does not go into detail, he alludes to a class action lawsuit against the USDA in which she participated some years ago.”

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I’m all set. Uh..

Hot Air Video..Auto-mogul-in-chief takes new GM lemon for a spin

...What's this round thing, again?


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