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The reasons as to why barry still exists. First Half KENYAN. Secondly, there exists a very few in both houses of our CONgress that choose to fight miser Black Lives Matta’ and I can’t vote ALL of the ASSHOLES OUT! Thirdly, what is still termed the U.S. Supreme Court, Ain’t in all but name..

Obama Tells Jerry Seinfeld Many World Leaders “Insane” In New Crackle Coffee Klatsch

Obama goes around Congress, sets record for new rules in 2015

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Umm, I represent the Takin’ Care Of Business Cleaning Crew. Call Now, 1 (800) El Cid..


If anyone deserves to be BEHEADED, this BITCH should be first in line..LIVE on EVERY media, whilst happening..

Fairfield, CA


Fairfield, Calif., police say woman confesses to intentionally drowning her grandson – @abc7newsBayArea

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Happy New Year! IF with the barry HUSSEIN team can be a Happy One!

barry hussein, sunni or shiite?

I’m saying shiite, with his Persia pact!

Missile test near US warship raises
more concerns about nuclear deal

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Feliz Navidad


Umm, indonesia, barry already beat you..barry Soetoro step daddy..

Image result for lolo soetoro
Lolo Soetoro

Lolo Soetoro, also known as Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo or Mangundikardjo, was the Indonesian step-father of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. Wikipedia

Born: January 2, 1935, Bandung, Indonesia
Died: March 2, 1987, Jakarta, Indonesia
Spouse: Erna Kustina (m. 1980–1987), Ann Dunham (m. 1965–1980)

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I very well could be wrong BUT, there is something askew in and with the State of Misery, oopss missouri..

St. Charles County, MO


Parents face neglect charges in connection to child’s death in St. Charles County, Mo., police say; 2-year-old boy died Sunday from hypothermia after parents allegedly left him alone in room for 38 hours – @alexiszotos

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Uhh islammies, it IS TIME to disintegrate each and everyone of you. Here There and EVERYWHERE! Whatcha’ think barry?…lmfao..kenyan boy..

Six U.S. Troops Killed in Taliban-Claimed Attack in Afghanistan

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