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Hey, I know, Let’s Bomb The Sterling Hall, Again..


Unhappy with the results of last night’s peaceful, orderly exercise of democracy, the anarchists associated with the occupy movement took to the streets of Milwaukee tonight for an impromptu march. Exclusive video from Breitbart News’ Jeremy Segal shows the march in its inception. As of 7:05 ET, there was one arrest reported. Developing…on BREITBART TV

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Well Nagel, you screwed up real bad, since # 44 became a LEADER..

Nagel concluded that democracies rarely or never elect the best leaders. Their advantage over dictatorships or other forms of government is merely that they “effectively prevent lower-than-average candidates from becoming leaders.”

People Aren’t Smart Enough for Democracy to Flourish, Scientists Say.

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You get the feeling, that the Muslim Brotherhood is..

..winning the hearts and minds, don’t you? I can understand the point concerning the U.S. A billion and a half dollars per year in to Egypt, in “aid”. Guess that does keep the Panama Canal open, isn’t that correct Matthews?.


Jerusalem Post: Cairo..Anger starting to focus on Israel, US via Drudge.

“The USA does not support democracy; they’re supporting Israel, which is like their baby,” said Ahmed, a 26-year-old Cairo resident. “They think Egypt is functional because it’s in favor of their considerations.”

“I don’t care if we have peace [with Israel] or not,” Ahmed continued, echoing the indifference of many demonstrators who don’t have a clear agenda for what they want a future Egypt to look like, as long as it does not include Mubarak. “But will Israel allow us to have a real president? For example, Turkey elected an Islamic government, but it was their choice. Will Israel give us the freedom to make the same choice?” he asked.

Demonstrators are relying on the foreign press to get their message to Obama.

“Isn’t this democracy?” they asked me over and over when I said I was a journalist from America, incredulous that the country held as the pinnacle of world democracy could ignore such widespread popular sentiment.

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