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Anti-Morsi protester to Obama: ‘Your bitch is our dictator’

Posted at 5:21 pm on December 4, 2012 by Twitchy Staff | View Comments

Earlier today, President Mohamed Morsi fled the Presidential Palace in Cairo, and anti-Morsi protests are now erupting all across Egypt. While President Obama may be too busy picking out sandals for his three-week Hawaiian vacation to give Egyptians the time of day, one protester (purportedly this man) is more than willing to give Obama a piece of his mind:


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Aww Gee! They left out Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett. She is going to be pissed..



SARAH PALIN“Apparently President Obama can’t see Egypt and Libya from his house.” Ouch.

But, to be fair, neither can the New York Times.

UPDATE: Prof. Stephen Clark writes: “While the responsibility for our lack of credibility in the greater middle east rests with Obama, let’s not forget that our middle east foreign policy is the product of Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power and others who share their views. These past four years do not reflect well upon their judgment: something to bear in mind when talk of a Hillary Clinton presidency arises.”


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This #44 administration is undoubtedly the best administration that has ever been put into power, by the God Damn idiots that PUT IT IN POWER. Sad and disgusting to see and read, on the eve of July 4th..

Egypt’s New Leaders Spark Outrage
In US With Calls to Release Terrorist


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This entire administration, has got to go. With some being sent to prison, Eric!

House GOP push off Keystone bill amid grumbling – Pipeline construction moves forward in Canada

On the other side, the Obama administration says the bill doesn’t spend enough, and is adamantly opposed to congressional meddling in the pipeline debate

“Congressional meddling” as opposed to Enviro-Commie “meddling”. You forgot that one, Obama..

But the Obama administration has blasted the House bill. 

“The House bill takes us back to the dark ages,” Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former Republican congressman, told reporters Monday. He said he doesn’t expect any Democrats to vote for the bill. 

Hey Ray, get your son out of Egypt yet? You do know that HE is the hands of those that really ARE “back to the dark ages”, in thought, word and deed.

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Islama-mail (can’t use Black, not PC remember). A Turk (as born in). A Pakistani born in England. Alternatives: Matthews, Olbermann, Maddow all from Mars. Jesus H. Christ!

Muslim Brotherhood: You’d best keep the aid money coming if you want that treaty with Israel intact   by Allahpundit


Video: Breitbart vs. Cenk Uygar over rape at “Occupy” camps   by Allahpundit


Martin Bashir: Santorum’s sort of like a theocratic version of Stalin   by Allahpundit

“See if you can spot the similarities.”

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Good call Obama. Did you ask Congress about getting involved in Libya? Didn’t think so..

Possible Role of Islamists in Libya Raises Fears 

“Despite early indications that the Libyan revolution might be a largely secular undertaking … the very extremist currents that shaped the philosophies of Libya Salafists and jihadis like (Abd al-Hakim) Belhadj appear to be coalescing to define the future of Libya,” wrote Michael S. Smith II, a principal and counterterrorism adviser for Kronos LLC, the strategic advisory firm that prepared the report.

“I would like to alert my Muslim brothers in Libya, EgyptAlgeriaTunisia and the rest of the lands of Islam that if the United States and the NATO forces interfere in Libya, it will be necessary for their neighbors … and the rest of the Muslims to go forth to fight all of the mercenaries of (Muammar) al-Qaddafi and the crusaders of NATO,” he said, according to a translation provided by Kronos.

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Another Hero..


URGENT: A LOT airline Boeing 767 from Newark, N.J., to Poland with 230 people on board crash lands in Warsaw after its landing gear fails, sliding on the runway and catching fire — but no one is killed or injured.

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Did obama’s plan of dumping Mubarak and going after Gaddafi cause additional Israeli problems, or did obama stupidly stumble into M.E. chaos? (notice, the boy leader left assad alone)

U.S. Scrambles as Israel’s Ties With Allies Erode  

I know, why don’t we ask his Israeli advisors wright, farrakhan and shabazz.

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