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First. lois (slow) lerner FORMER smart ass in charge IRS. Second SWAG, will once again plead the 5th. Third..

..if ever “burning” FEMALES “at the stake” becomes fashionable again, THIS female and her smug smarmy attitude, would be MY first choice! I have no doubt, that she still receives her TAXPAYER PAID SALARY. Ahh yes, she pleads The Fifth ON The Fifth..

Bernie Becker / The Hill:

House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is hauling Lois Lerner back to Congress.  —  Issa told Lerner’s attorney in a Tuesday letter that he expected the retired IRS official to appear before his committee on March 5.

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Well umm, who voted the Lefty Turd in “PARENTS”!? HUH?

NYC Parents Blast Mayor De Blasio for Opening Schools in Snowstorm

Parents are storming the New York City Department of Education’s Facebook page and using any public medium to let Mayor Bill de Blasio know they are not happy with his decision to keep schools open during a snowstorm so powerful the governor declared a state of emergency.   by Frances Martel

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‘Twas the day AFTER Christmas, when all thro’ the house..’

*Every creature was stirring, including the mouse;
All the gifts were stacked by the door with care,
In the hopes that the Stores would be there;
The children were anxious right by the door,
While visions of GIFTS they WANTED, soon would be theirs..

© all rights reserved.

*Now one knows WHY The U.K., Canada, Australia, amongst others, Call This Day, Boxing Day. Whereas HERE in The States WE just have MORE Brawls, Robbery’s, Rapes and Murders Whilst Returning Stuff!


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Dunno’ about you BUT I find these kinds of people, the homeowners association, completely useless..

Desert Storm veteran fined $5,000, told to move trees at Florida home

An Operation Desert Storm veteran is being fined $5,000 by his homeowners association and forced to dig up two trees he planted in front of his Florida home because the organization says the trees are too small.

Read on, if you choose.

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7 of 12 Navy Yard victims identified..

..None of those ID’d are active-duty military personnel

They are, according to Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department: Michael Arnold, 59; Sylvia Frasier, 53; Kathy Gaarde, 62; John Roger Johnson, 73; Frank Kohler, 50; Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46; and Vishnu Pandit, 61.

Officials still need to notify the loved ones of the five remaining victims.

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Charles Payne is absolutely CORRECT !

Charles Payne: “President Obama would love to see civil unrest in this country very much like the Arab Spring”

In his eighth and most recent pivot to the economy, President Obama has begun channeling Saul Alinsky as though he’s participating in a seance with the late Communist rabble-rouser. His rambling, 80-minute long, Castro-like speeches have increasingly revealed an inner anger with America (as noted by White House correspondent Keith Koffler).

Fox Business analyst Charles Payne sees an ominous method to the madness.

Stuart Varney: Obama used the term “inequality” more than he used the word “growth”. And this is a problem, according to Charles Payne.

Charles Payne: It is a problem. He talked about [income inequality] being morally wrong. You know, Stuart, if you and I entered this building and there were different rules for each of us, that would be morally wrong. But if I dropped out of high school and smoked weed all day and you worked your way through college and made more money than I did, that’s not inequality, that’s just.

For those that are not familiar with Charles Payne:


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So Sad. So Damn Sad. Barrett has set up a fund called ‘Pace of Miracles’ to raise money for Kaliysha’s eventual funeral and burial..

Girl born without a brain is now 6 years old, family seeks support

  • Girlwithoutbrain.jpg

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You say you want a Superman ? Make that SuperPEOPLE! Ya’ Got ‘EM, Right Here!

‘THE MAN’S A HERO’ Man Swims 5 Hours to Save Family After Capsize

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