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This ENTIRE federal government that our nation has, IS One Large Ass GAME!

‘GAMING THE SYSTEM’: Email reveals
VA push to manipulate wait time data

  • AP

  • AN EMAIL OBTAINED by Fox News shows that an employee at a Wyoming VA hospital instructed other workers to manipulate records to make it seem like patients were being seen within the agency’s required 14-day window, which he described as ‘gaming the system.’

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What, you want them to run on the records?! How cute, Ms. “we have to pass it, so you know what’s in it”..

Facing Election Losses, Democrats Cry Racism

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To this I say, those that penned “Our Constitution” DID IN FACT have the “guts”!..

..what is lacking in OUR government today are those persons that do NOT have “guts”! Their existence is, perpetuating an elite class that promotes looking down on “We the People”..

Balanced Budget Amendments (BBA) Gut Our Constitution And Don’t Reduce Spending by Publius Huldah


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28. Crazy Talk


Conservatives are crazy and racists are stupid, according to the latest research by college professors who could not possibly be biased. It’s scientastic!

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*”The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” William Shakespeare..

The first thing we do, let’s kill all  SOME OF the lawyers

Fixed that for ya’ Willie..

Pardon my changing your penned line, Shakespeare BUT in the case referenced below, I do believe it should begin!

Lawyers for James Holmes to take reporter Jana Winter’s case to Supreme Court

*One does know that the Shakespeare line, was not intended as it read and sounded, doesn’t one???



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