Child Dental Fears? Whatta’ ’bout NOT SO “child”, huh? HEY, I’m an Anti-Dentite!

Calm child's dental fears

Calm child’s dental fears


TWO impacted bottom wisdom teeth. Oral surgery. Stitches. Stitches break. Neighbors see, a flaying DUMMY <wisdom teeth gone, remember!) in his yard.

Neighbor comes to help. Still bleeding and gagging on BLOOD.

Calls EMT’S. EMT’S, ‘hey dude, just try to relax, here, just sit in this lawn chair, head down, breath deeply and try to calm down’.

As I attempt to sit, in the lawn chair, the GODDAMN chair comes apart. EMT’S look down, as DUMMY falls and sits on his ass, ON the lawn and say ‘just ain’t your day, sir’ and CHUCKLE.

DIRTY (VERY) look given. Stuff 64 ¼YARDS of gauze in mouth. Holding head down and deep breaths. Becoming somewhat calm.

EMT’S suggest ME driving to ER at short distance hospital. ME, calm enough to do so.

Arrive at ER. Told, you have to wait so we can notify the ORAL (HACK) Surgeon. Two hours or so, HACK HE arrives. Re-stiches, wait once AGAIN, get the all clear to drive. Back at ranch and alive at that.

Hey Kramer, “ANTI-DENTITE”, is a damn nice way to say, I DESPISE the ROTTEN *&$%’ing Bastids!

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