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Do the muzzies know that rahm, is Jewish? If not, tell them. Done. Fini, Finished..

Chicago: Muslims converting Eisenhower library into mosque, against neighbors wishes creeping

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One wonders what Israel will do with all their newly acquired land mass, after the Geiger counters stop clicking..

Gaza defenders, Hamas supporters call for Iran, others to bomb, nuke Israel

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Understand it a bit better now, PUTZ?

Sen. Schumer Doesn’t Know Obama’s Position on Jerusalem…

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As usual, Allen West is right on target! Howya’ Jewish folks like him now, huh?

Allen West: I’m tired of people talking about Obama’s likability  scoop


Shocking video: Jews barred from Boca Raton synagogue because they oppose Obama  matzav

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The sooner these islamic asshats are beheaded, or made to glow, the better. Their ally in the White House, protects them..

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All below Via Drudge..

This means TWO Anti-Semites speak at the Lefty Convention, guess who the other one is..Internal Emails: Geithner, Treasury killed pensions of 20,000 non-union auto workers…Pro-Obama Ad Ties Romney — to CANCER!Harvey Weinstein on Obama: ‘The Paul Newman of American Presidents’…Whinestein is correct, “Paul Newman” is an ACTOR, but an INFINITELY  better one then #44..Activist Sandra Fluke will intro Obama at campaign stop… Developing…Guys, don’t forget the rubbers! Ladies, K-Y if you need it! Ladies, Make sure your PILLS are up to date! Oh ms. fluck, careful now, watch for that premature evacuation or somethin’..And Lastly..

WORK IT: First Lady To Make Third Appearance On Leno……Has 44 and his wife EVER LOOKED AT a camera, that they didn’t play to? BOTH must NOW be “So Proud”, correct Mrs. 44?

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Who is george soros, Alex? Well, that plus every other anti-Semite or Jew hater that ever existed..

Obama’s Idea Of A Good Jew – A Nazi Supporter And Collaborator ~ J O S H U A P U N D I T joshua

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