They all can’t be this stupid, can they?

Melissa Harris-Perry took a moment on her Sunday MSNBC show to offer ...

MSNBC host: Saying ‘hard worker’ an insult to slaves

  1. #1 by JP on October 27, 2015 - 7:37 PM

    Thanks mate. lmao.

    As to the Melissa’s, I’ll go with a definition of Hex: An evil spell or symbol of bad luck. This definition ain’t bad either: A witch.

  2. #2 by Gregoryno6 on October 27, 2015 - 5:59 PM

    Congratulations! You are the first to spot the deliberate error in Melissa’s wardrobe – your prize is a night with Melissa!
    We’re just waiting for our second prize winner to appear. Doesn’t anyone want to spend two nights with Melissa?
    (And what is it about Melissa’s anyway? We have two of them at work and they’re almost as obnoxious as this one)

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