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It wasn’t your cut cheese @ $49 a pound, it was your foil. Hilarious read..

Right Network: Dear Whole Foods: We’re through. It’s not me. It’s you. by Gerard Van der Leun in ‘Lifestyle’

Teaser Tidbit:

I suppose it was all of these things about you, building up slowly… and yet… and yet…. Whenever I’d leave you, after depositing a C-note or two in the register by the door, I’d think, “No more. No more. We can’t go on meeting like this.” But in a couple of weeks, my yearning for you would rise like the yearning I often have for a Korean massage. And I’d be back, slipping into your embrace, and always…. after scraping the detritus of my plate into the garbage a few hours later… I’d feel used. Even after a shower.

But today was it.

That’s enough. We’re over. Finito. Kaput.




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