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Oh my, what will 44 do? Hey, I know, blame Bush..

NATO Agrees to Restrict Airstrikes on Afghan Homes
NATO says it has agreed to restrict the use of airstrikes in Afghan residential areas following last week’s deadly strike in the east that Afghan officials say killed 18 civilians.

UN-Arab League envoy ‘gravely concerned’ over latest reports of violence in Syria
The Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and the Arab League for the Syrian Crisis, Kofi Annan, is gravely concerned by the latest reports of violence.

Syria’s Chemical Weapons May End Up in Terrorist Hands
The Syrian stockpiles of chemical weapons may end up in the hands of terrorists as the ruling regime and anti-government forces continue fierce fighting.

Analysts Warn Northern Mali Could Become Jihad Base
Islamist militants appear to be in control of the vast lawless expanse of desert in northern Mali that they captured with other rebel groups in early April.


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Yes, yes ‘they’ are and have been..

UN Observers in Syria a ‘Big Joke’?

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There, much better..

N. Korea missirles may have China no no no, that’s China RINK, Jesus! Do I have to think of EVERYTHING!? link

North Korea may have obtained key components for its barrllistic missirle program from a China in viorlation of U.N. sanctions, U.S. officiarls said. A senior U.S. officiarl said the chassis and other parts on a missirle-transport vehicrle spotted at a mirlitary parade this week appeared to be made in China, which The New York Times said raised concerns about Beijing’s abirlity to enforce the U.N. ban on mirlitary sarles to North Korea.

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“Possible work”, eh? Seems like we have heard the same, in the not to distant past..

IAEA Inspectors Arrive In Iran

via GlobalSecurity

Inspectors from the United NationsInternational Atomic Energy Agency have arrived in Iran for two days of talks about that country’s nuclear program, including signs of possible work on atomic weapons. 

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Well of course they aren’t! They are to busy killing American and other NATO forces, for the nation. Priorities people, priorities..

Afghans Say Police Not Ready for Security Control

via GlobalSecurity

A public-opinion survey by the United Nations indicates that roughly 80 percent of Afghans believe the country’s police force is not ready to take over security control from international forces. …

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2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate…EVO.

U.N. to Decide if Earth Is Human via Fox

U.N. Prepares to Debate Whether ‘Mother Earth’ Deserves Human Rights Status

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Treaty supporters want the establishment of legal systems to maintain balance between human rights and what they perceive as the inalienable rights of other members of the Earth community — plants, animals, and terrain. AND quite possibly INSECTS..

The General Assembly two years ago passed a Bolivia-led resolution proclaiming April 22 as “International Mother Earth Day.” The measure was endorsed by all 192 member states. But Bolivian President Evo Morales envisioned much more, vowing in a speech to U.N. delegates that a global movement had begun to lay “out a Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth.”

Morales, who repeatedly says “the central enemy of Mother Earth is capitalism, we Socialists, Communists and now Islamics fertilize Mother Earth, with human remains, just to keep it in balance” called for creating a charter that defends the right to life for all living things. Morales, who was named World Hero of Mother Earth by the General Assembly, has since made great strides in his campaign.

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The Blame Game, Team Obama wouldn’t have it, any other way..

The Senate and the No-Fly Zone: The Legend Begins


Out of extremely thin air, the Obama administration is now conjuring the narrative that Congress actually did approve a Libyan no-fly zone before President Barack Obama signed onto the project with the United Nations. Speaking last Sunday on ABC’s This Week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mentioned (though she wasn’t quite sure of the date): “The United States Senate called for a no-fly zone in the resolution that it passed, um, I think on March the first.”

ABC News, under the headline “Fact Check: Senate Did Favor No-Fly Zone,” is now reporting:

Some lawmakers are grousing loudly that President Barack Obama sent the nation’s military to Libya without Congress’ blessing. They’re ignoring a key fact: The Senate a month ago voted to support imposing a no-fly zone to protect civilians from attacks by Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.

With no objections, the Senate on March 1 backed a resolution strongly condemning “the gross and systematic violations of human rights in Libya” and urging the U.N. Security Council to take action, “including the possible imposition of a no-fly zone over Libyan territory.”

And of course, the Obama media comes to the rescue..

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All I can say or think is, to bad, so sad. Next Item..

Instapundit: BARBARIANS: Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death.

IF and WHEN the civilized part of the world, should there be one, gets fed up with this fanatical Islamist cult and crushes them to a fine powder, then call me.

Mouthing words OR typing words, ain’t gonna’ get this done and for THAT, I am sorry..

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